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Mastrs of KAB. Class #2 : Rav On Reincarnation

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Light force? [Hebrew] that's your soul that's what you were before, and everything else [Hebrew] What is a "neshama"? the encapsulation of all your lifetimes before, right? all of that is coming in at the moment of birth, right? what's going to make this "neshama" act different than the next neshama? at that moment, what makes this one different than all the others? the baggage! the baggage that it brings along on it's trip now, right? everyone understand now? baggage! the valise! all that it accumulated all the other lifetimes, is now bringing it along, right? [offstage] all the DNA is already printed out there when it comes out it's called baggage. What do you put in a bag? All the things you have [talking offstage] you know what I mean, I'm going on a trip now, I take all the stuff I have in my house, right? I'm going now on a trip, I take the stuff that I had, right? that's the expression Rav on intercourse [offstage talking] [Hebrew] I can say yes, but is there even a point before that? there is a point before "zivug"? [offstage talking] why? the two consciousness of the man and the woman before they have the actual "zivug" is where there is "zivug" [offstage talking] if they meet there, with the Light I can go back even further do you know what I mean? So... [offstage talking] that undergoes another "isdachechut hamasach" [offstage talking] even actual intercourse, is even after [offstage talking] that's right. The Light, and the consciousness of the man and the woman before they have the "zivug"

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Posted by: kabvids42 on Jan 18, 2016

Rav On Reincarnation

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