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Neurone a specchio

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Between 50.00 and 100.00 years ago, when in a really short time, the man learned to use the fire, to invent the language, these abilities spread in an dated time...probably the first exponential was really that. And Raman Chandra, which is an American neurologist that really got into the research of Giacomo Rizzolati which I interview in my latest book, the discoverer of the mirror neuron, says that this exponential ability that developed... Basically, it coincide with the development of the mirror neuron. Meaning, the capacitor, the connector between one and the other was the mirror neuron. The mirror neuron is that part of the brain that create a virtual simulation when I see someone doing something. If I eat chocolate, and you're watching me, you'll get the mouth watering. You will feel the experience, you will live like you are really eating it. To the point that this discover that this, like a magic alchemy of some sort, because they were studying...Rizzolati...his specialty is to... the movement. So, they were studying how the brain activates when a monkey grab something, they pause, and at some point a researcher (and here we are talking about legends. Some says that it was a peanut, some says that it was a banana... Rizzolati says that it was something more complex) What happened was that the...researcher that ate it, that put something in his mouth, then his gaze fell upon the monitor, and noticed that the monkey had the brain that was activated, exactly like it was living that experience.

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