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CastelulIulia Hasdeu Adevar sau legenda

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What I did wrong to nature, I won't find out I don't understand her punishment and I don't figure it out. The loss of a dear person can overturn a destiny. The early disappearence of the only daughter of Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, Julia, who inherited his extraordinary special gifts, will lead the big scientist with an encyclopaedic mind to the discovery of some completely unknown lands in comparison with the ones he excelled since then. The proof of these unusual activities is Iulia Hasdeu's Castle from Câmpina. Listening to the story that hides behind these castle's walls, you feel wreathed in a strange sensation, that you cannot define. Ion Luca Caragiale wrote about this castle. Here, in every place, the matter says something. Who comes for the first time to the castle's yard from Câmpina, built by the well-known scientist more than a century ago, feels wreathed in a strange sensation, hard to describe in words. The whole museum is full of symbols, some of them still indefinite, and the visitor, wherever he goes, he feels overwhelmed by Iulia Hasdeu's image who was a genius at that times. Iulia's life was, since her first years, an exceptional one. At only 2 years and a half she knew to read. At 4 years she wrote, at 5 years she wrote her first poems. At 8 years she took the exams for the primary course, at 11 years she took her degree from "Saint Sava" middle school in Bucharest and Conservatory, and in 1886, Iulia entered to the Faculty of Letters, at Sorbona University in Paris. But a censorious destiny had to part Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu from his daughter. At the beginning of 1888 appear first signs of tuberculosis, and on 29th of September, 1889, at only 19 years old, she passed away. For the affected father, the disappearence of Iulia made a great breakdown, spiritually and psychically, Wishing to meet Iulia and to bear down the limits of death, Hasdeu totally dedicates himself to spiritual experiments. From now on, the great scholar will live only for meeting Iulia's spirit, trying day by day to talk to her daughter from the Great Divide. Iulia Hasdeu's Castle will be the harbour of the great scientist, where he lives his last years of his life surrounded by sadness and the misunderstanding of his coevals, the place where, after Iulia's death, the father and the daughter will meet regularly during the séances. However, even this castle built by Hasdeu, thought as a temple sacred to his haughter, was built exactly after the plans sent by Iulia, from ythe Great Divide. A scholar's note in a spiritual manuscript wrote with black ink and kept unmodified in years, is the proof of this fact. With a massive door which seems to hide indiscoverable misteries, The Temple of Spirit, as the locals called it, impresses with his cold rocks and symbolics. Oriented to east, his base has a cross form, and two buildings with one floor and a central dungeon suggest the Trinity concept. The principal enter of the temple castle was decorated with the emblem of Ștefan Petriceicu, a ruler who was related with Petriceicu Hasdeu by aliance. Even it seems standing, the massive door moves as the Earth moves around the Sun. It is mailed by two stoned thrones , and on each of them's backrests are engraved rules and Pythagorean symbols. The stoned volumes that sustain the thrones have on the covers the names Iulia Hasdeu existed during her previous lives through reincarnation. The front part of the grandious entrance in temple is triangular. In it, there is the world's eye, the symbol of essence and the spiritual knowledge, portrayer of God's unicity who sees everything in every moment. The name on the fron of the castle reminds both of the scientist's wife and daughter, they having the same first name. The date of second of July, wrote with letters of stone on the medium garden's crenels, betrays the fact that the monument was created for the two Iulia, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, wishing to name it The Castle of the two Iulia at first. The Castle of Iulia Hasdeu, lives especially through the magic mystery that hides in it for more than a century. The massive, gliding door opens to the biggest room of the temple. In the highest tower of the castle, the temple has a west narthex, a hall with parallel mirrors and a narthex. In the middle of the tower, the column symbol of the world's axle, continues with an arch made of metallic stairs which symbolise the Saint Gral, a holy bowl in which was the Messiah's blood. The statue of Jesus, carved by Raphael Casciani, crowns St. Gral for over 100 years. Staying in this room you notice this statue and when you look at it, you realize that Jesus' eyes are watching you, and the open arms say: "Let the children come to me." At His feet are crowned thorns and spikes. The Temple also has an altar enclosed by two narrow rooms, two libraries and a music room

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