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HBW short

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So far, plastic is the only material that is light, unbreakable, elastic, temperature-resistant and available in different levels of manufacture. Meat consumers, capitalists... We are all of that. Wrong! As musicians, we also have to find a response an artistic response, which does not take place in the ivory tower. ♪ What about the rest of us in the middle, you know, us - the normal and innocent people? We're just falling further and further and further behind. ♪ Where are the people? Where are the humans? I never thought that war could happen in my country in the 21st century. This question: "What can I personally do?", has long been an issue for me. ♪ If just one of them could say "I'm sorry", and mean it. Just say once “It didn't go as planned ”, and really mean it. Or go to hell. Or go to jail. ♪ I'm considering self-obliteration, sort of auto-vaporization. And therefore one less, one footprint less. Fuel wasters... Bottle throwers... – Hazardous waste... – Freedom of speech… - Slut! - No offense. ♪ I fucking love cricket, while the nation’s burning down. ♪ The content itself is so heavy in parts, and also humorous in other parts. ♪ Jesus will save us. ♪ What was he doing on the street at night? - Questions are not forbidden, right? ... I mean... You will probably be allowed to ask that... Florian's climate blog: Dear Florian, I love your articles on climate change and your research on the subject, also because they are so interesting and beautifully written. However, I was a little shocked when I found three errors in the first sentence. And these mistakes run through the entire article... Face Mortadella! Slaughter, grinding... Killing chicken! – Fried egg... Killing chicken! We want to name the problems even if it hurts. But we also want to take an absurd, humorous look at things. But at the same time, not be afraid of honesty and radicalism.

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Posted by: sebastian.gramss on May 25, 2020

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