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Voices From A Tent Camp

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A Community Leader speaking: I have to tell you nobody came to visit us here. This area was not visited at all. All we have here is an old car repair shop. We work under difficult circumstances. It's hard! A lot of houses were destroyed here. So many people came to Haiti to donate stuff. But we received nothing at all: "anyen menm". They didn't come here to help us rebuild our houses. I have to admit that they came to donate food but the way food was distributed is bad. They give it to the crowd and people have to fight to get it. People have to jump high to get it or pull hard to get it. Only the "sanzave", the bad people can do that. They make the lines but in the end only the fighters get the food. We got nothing. Where we are, nobody came to visit us. All those blue tarps that you see here, we paid for them. We bought them from people who got hem for free. They sold them to us. Look at my house over there. It's been destroyed. The whole house is destroyed. We have no place to go. Look at it. Look at my home. Look at the destruction. This is my destroyed home. OK. Now let's see the other side of the yard. Look at this other house. Look at it. Look and see this destroyed home. Look over here. Do you see it all? It's all destroyed. The whole yard is destroyed. We simply can't rebuild all these homes alone. We don't have enough resources to rebuild all of it. Even if we want to start over, it's hard. I had to pay people with money from my pocket to help me. You all these, they are all my houses. They have been destroyed. Look at the lakou, the yard, and see how it looks now. The yard is destroyed. Ou konprann? Do you understand? Let's look a little bit further. Look at the houses and see how crumbled they are, they are just sitting there destroyed. No one came to visit us. No one came to ask us about our problems. Look at this other house. It belongs to this guy, my neighbor. His name is Berthold. Look at his house. It fell down. Look and see how it is completely destroyed. Nobody came to visit and see us. I heard that they gave food in the streets. But they never came to see the conditions we are living in, the places where we are sleeping now. They are just walking around kidding, just joking. Y'ap maché ransé. But they don't seriously want to help us. OK. Now let's go see my new house, the little corner where I am living now under this tarp. Look at these workers. I had to pay them to remove the rubbles for me and free some space for me and others to sleep. Look at the destroyed houses. I paid workers with my own money to remove the rubbles. This is the neighborhood. It is what it is now. There is no governement. We didn't receive any visit at all. Who are they helping? To whom did they give aid and relief? The aid goes to just a few who are exploiting it. Y'ap fè gagot. We the people who really need the aid, we don't get it. It didn't reached us. Look at these houses. Look at the destruction. They are all destroyed. We are alone. Nobody came to help us. Nobody came to visit us. Ou konprann? Do you understand? Nobody came. Nobody. It's just me. I ask these people to work for me and remove rubbles. I am trying to help my neighbors. You can go see. Please come inside and see. It's not a problem at all. Please come in. Let's go through this alley. Look around. It's all over. The destruction is everywhere. [Don't worry, friend, it's an interview. This is serious]. Now, let me show you inside my house. Look! Look how destroyed it is. Look at my roof. It's leaking. I put a bleu tarp on it. Look! Look! Nobody came to see this. Nobody came to visit any of us. We are left alone. It's just us. Ou konprann? Do you understand? Look at my wife's sewing machine. It's sitting there. Berthold, I am going to let you speak because you are a leader too. You and I, we are the two leaders of this community. Open this tarp and see. Let's go inside. Look at this camp that we set up for our people. We fixed our bed here, under this tent. This is how we fixed our community shelter all alone. OK. You can look and see how we live. It's OK. Look at our shelter. No problem. You can look. Did you see? Let's go visit another one. Excuse us. Look at all my workers who are removing the rubbles for all of us. Look at them working hard. Berthold, please speak up. Please say something. Interviewer: Kémy Joseph from U.M. - Would you please state your name. Community Leader: My name is Estervil Lérilus, Alias Ti-Chapo. UM Student Kémy Joseph: Thank you for this interview. Thank you for your participation in this film. Community Leader,Ti-Chapo said: No problem.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 14 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Kemy Joseph
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Posted by: koze on Apr 14, 2010

Estervil Lérilus, a community leader, gives a tour of a tent camp in Léogâne to University of Miami film student Kemy Joseph.

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