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203 - Exit Help Island

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Okay, so this is a tutorial if you've created the avatar entered the environment, but did not choose "Virtual Ability." Or if you've done that and now are lost and can't find your way to San Jose State Island or if you're being bothered by rude people. So first step I'm going to do here, I'm on Help Island. I'm going to activate my map. So let me do that. I have a tutorial here on the left. I'm going to close that out. Going to look at my map. This is proof that I don't have access to the entire Second Life environment. So you can see that I'm not off the Help Island yet, so I don't have access to the map. This will change. So first thing I'm going to do is close this out. Okay, so I've confirmed that here I am on Help Island. Now I'm going to turn around until I find a way out. So the next steps here are to follow the green line and teleport off. So I'm going to walk; here I am walking to where it says enter your Second Life. And the sign down there below says, Ready To Explore, Click To Teleport. I'm going to walk right up to that sign, click to teleport, and it gives me two things. It gives me a landmark, and it gives me a note card. Okay, so the note card here is a description of where I'm going to go. I'll close that for now. This is a picture of where I'm going to go. And I'm going to click Teleport. I didn't choose this place; it was assigned to me randomly. I don't really care about that. So I'm going to go ahead and teleport. Okay, while I'm teleporting, I've teleported off Help Island. Now my map should work. So let me go ahead and do that. I'm going to click on Map and there you go. Now I can see all the green dots, and I can see the landscape around me. Okay, so let me confirm here, we did that with the map. So I'm going to go back to the map and I'm going to teleport to SJSU SLIS Island. You can see that right there. So in the map area SJSU SLIS and there it is. And it looks like we have someone there on the island. So I'm going to go ahead and click Teleport. And that's going to take me to that spot. All right, so now I can find home. I can find SJSU SLIS, right? Once I've done that now I'm going to go to Virtual Ability and start my orientation. So I'm going to click Virtual Ability and there you go. I'm going to click on that and click Teleport. And so we've done all the steps. I've activated my map, made sure that I was not still on Help Island, teleported off. Then I found SJSU SLIS, and then I found Virtual Ability. And here I am at the Virtual Ability orientation space. Let's go over here and start the Orientation Center. I'm going to go over here, click on it Right click and choose "TP To Orientation Center." Okay. And this is where you would have started here if you'd chosen Virtual Ability... as your orientation area within the "creating avatar" tool. So just to summarize here I was on Help Island. And I knew that, because I tried to activate my map and I didn't have access to it. I followed the green line and clicked on the sign that said Click To Teleport to get off of Help Island. Then I teleported, I went to a random spot, I teleported to SJSU SLIS, to find San Jose State and then I came to Virtual Ability to start the orientation. This is a round about way to get to where you should have been if you'd chosen Virtual Ability in the orientation process.

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Posted by: jeremykemp on Aug 22, 2009

203 - Exit Help Island

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