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a film by Frank Gerhardt love is... The human has 10 differnet basic emotions. They are all the same, no matter what country and culture they life in. Carrol Ellis Isard (1994) world reknown psycholigist [HAPPINESS] Which, is better? Hey?? Which, is better? Come on, which tie is better! just anyone No taste at all. You can't even choose a simple tie. Now it's clear, why men only wear black suits. Otherwise you would go in your jogging pants to a restaurant. Whats, so god damn interessting, there? Just a funny anti records webpage. for instance... For instance: the fattest human alive Wow 560 KG yeah there some photos, but you should't see them, if you still wanna have dinner together. Wow, a man like a queen size bed. Sasha, why you allways make fun of pepole like him? This man has already enough problems. And you allways trying to defend everybody, yesterday the blacks, tomorrow the badgers, and today this feading farm. This isn't an animal, in danger of extinction just a fat mexican. But he is a human and also very sick. But what you will do, if I get so fat? You also will make fun of me? No, i won't. I will have to work night and day, to keep you fed. But I will have at least a great low loading truck. Very funny. Help me better with the zipper! Hey! Sasha? [INTEREST] hey... hey.. honestly tell me please will you still love me, if I will be fat Sweetheart, you are perfect, come on, get ready. Honestly, will you? No! I'll better take a mistress, no better 10 mistresses, that weigh 50kg each. this will be a adaquate change for 500kg woman. [ANGER] What have you done! Tell me, what have I done? You broke the zipper. Of course, now it my fault, that she doesn't fit in her old school dress. Of course, I'm just a fat cow. Come on, I'm sure you wear this dress in the first grade, already. Yes, for you I'm just a fat and ugly cow, like this guy. [ABHORRENCE] Are you now conpletely crazy, I didn't sad this, at all. Now you didn't said anything. Stop making up storries! In the beggining you imagine something, and what will be next, tears and then you kick me out! [CONTEMPT] You know this is exactly what I will do. Oh yeah, you know I'm so tired of this shit. So, fuck off, if you so tired of it. Fuck off, ashole. Everytime the same old story. If there would be at least once something new. No Aleander Petrovich, enough is enough! You think its funny? Thats serves you right! Shut up and better go to the gym, fatty! What did you say? Nothing. [GUILT] Mascha Just leave. Mascha, I was.. Leave! [SUFFERING] [SURPRISED] I brought you flowers. Thanks.... a lot. Love is... ...this is love COLORS OF LIFE

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Duration: 12 minutes and 49 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Genre: Animated
Producer: Sergey Makarov / Harold Gerhardt
Director: Frank Gerhardt
Views: 185
Posted by: 1234abba4321 on Nov 27, 2009

Every human has just 10 different emotions, which create such high feelings as love. Colors of life shows "one" couple running through these 10 emotions, in order to escape their grey daily routine.

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