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Anthony Robbins - Basket Brigade

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My life has been shaped by lot of events and one of the most powerful was somebody doing kind acts for my family. When I was 11 years old, we had really really tough Thanksgiving where there is no money or no food..and..we wouldn't have starved there was money to get something but we weren't going to have a Thanksgiving Dinner, thats for sure or certainly not a Feast of any sort. and my Mom and Dad, at that time were fighting like Cats and Dogs and saying things that once you say them, you can never take them back know the kind of stuff I am talking about? My Mom was screaming at my Father about how he couldn't even take care of his own family and it was horrible. I have a younger brother and a younger sister and I am oldest and so I am trying to keep them from hearing this conversation and then a miracle happens & there is bang on the door and as I am the oldest and they are screaming and so I go answer the door and standing there is this Giant Man and I was this little boy and he holding this huge box of food and beside him on the ground was a black pot with an uncooked turkey in it and he said " Is your father home?" and I said, "Just one moment!" I was like unbelievably euphoric! I thought this is a gift from God. This is gonna change it all It's gonna make my Mom and Dad happy. It's gonna be unbelievable! So I call my father, screaming at my Mother through closed door, the bedroom door and I say "Dad, Dad there is a guy at the door and he goes "You answer the door" and I say " I did and he's gotta see you!". I kind of plead him to come the door and I say" Dad, you gotta come" and he said "FINE". He makes a last yell an her and he walks to the door and I am waiting there and just can't wait to see his face. My Dad opens the door and this Man is standing there with this big box of food and my father did not get happy! He looked at this man and he raised his voice to him and said "Look, we don't take charity" and then he took the door to slam it to the man's face but the Man was a good sized man and he put his foot there and he smack his foot down and said" Sir! Sir! This is not charity. Everybody has tough time. Someone knows you are having tough time and they want you to have a magical thanksgiving. I am just the delivery guy He said please take it. My father said, "we don't take charity" and my went to slam it again and this time the guy his shoulder against it so he couldn't do it and my father is staring at him. it's like these 2 males starting to get into this intense mode and one just trying to give a gift and I am freaking and then the guy said something that I will never forget and at moments I wish he hadn't said but he found a way to force my father. He hold this thing and he looked at me and then looked at my dad and said " Don't make your family suffer because of your ego" Now my Dad's level of energy increased but he was also trapped. You get it? So he took the food, slammed it on table and slammed the door in the man's face and never even thanked him. I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to cry, part of me was crushed and I watch my father storm off and went on back to scream at my mother and I remember that day just thinking, I don't understand and years & years later, I began to understand a little bit and what I began to understand is that you look at a person's life and so much in life that you can be joyous about and I wanted to smile and even now I can remember it I wanted to smile about this great gift but now I couldn't even smile because it was making me angry and then I thought you know our whole life is shaped by decisions, as we have talked about today. but there are 3 decisions that you are making every moment you are alive and the way you make these 3 decisions shapes your Destiny. First decision we are all making every moment is what you are going to focus on? and I realise that my father's life and my life ended up very different bacause we made, that day, 3 decisions very differently. He decided to focus on the fact that he hasn't fed his family and the second question you got to decide, every moment of your life including this moment as what you focusing on, What does it mean? What Does it mean? The bottom line on meaning is, if you think about it, You get to make up the meaning and most people pick the worst one, don't they? and that day, my father started to focus on he hasn't fed his family and I Know what meaning he gave as he said it loud over and over again. That he was worthless because he has not taken care of his family and then the final most important decision you make very moment of your life is, What I am going to do? and what he decided to do was to leave our family shortly thereafter. Which at the time was the worst experience of my life, it was the most crushing experience I felt It's been so many years now and I don't have the same feelings. 3 years ago he passed away but at the time I knew no greater pain. My family did not know greater pain. I could not understand why he would leave, I loved him so much and my llife turned out very different than him. I was the only one to go to his funeral No one else in the family would go. No one wanted to be a part of it. He died alone of a disease called "Connective Tissue Disorder" I can tell you right before his death he got his lesson. He looked at me and said Son, I was a bastard. I did not connect with anybody and look what I am dying of? it is unbelievable. So that same day, I made 3 different decisions. I decided to focus on that there was food. What a concept, I like that! but what changed my life was the meaning that I gave it. I decided that day, it means that Strangers care. If strangers care about me and my family, then I was going to care about strangers and that completely changed my life. I promised myself that someday I will do well enough to do this for other families like it was done for me. I didn't wait till I was wealthy to do it. I did my first one when I was 17 and I remember at 17 I had my own car, I had some money and I decided to go on the greatest shopping spree of my life at that point. I decided I was going shopping for 2 families for Thanksgiving and I was going to do for them what was done for me so many years before. It was the most euphoric experience! I took 2 baskets, went to the Manager of the place and told him what I was gonna do and I said" I want you to give discount and you be my partner" He gave me 10% discount. Cheap Bastard! It was so cool as I got 2 of everything as I wanted to give food for the family for 2-3 days for an unbelieable Feast. Then I call this Church and said that I want to take care of some families that are too proud to come to Church and get food and so they might suffer. Can you recommend some families and they gave me 2 families. So then I wrote a note because I thought that I am going to dress up in old jeans and T shirt and deliever this. I am not going to get the acknowledgement but I do want to see their faces. so I will go as a delievery boy, which is easy as I do look like one! I did not want to get them upset like my father did so I wrote the note" This is a gift from a friend" "Please know that you are loved. I want you to have an extraordinary Thanksgiving" "You deserve it. Please accept this gift" Then I put under it, I said " If you can someday do well enough to do this for one other family then pass on the gift. with Love, A friend" Then I realise that I was going to an area that was more Latino and I speak no Spanish so I got a friend to write in Spanish on the back so that I can flip it around if there is a challenge. So I got my buddy's old van put all the groceries in and I drove to this house It was not what I expected, it was more. I got to this house and I got two bags of groceries and I knocked on the door. Door opens and a woman, this tall stares up at me like this. I said "Hi" and it was obvious that the woman did not speak any English and she let out a scream when she saw food. And by the way, this woman had 5 children and her husband which I didn't know, had left her 3 days before with no money, no food and 5 kids. So I got these bags and she is screaming, grabbing, pulling my neck and kissing. and I said" No,No..I am delivery boy". She didn't understand so I reached in the basket and gave her the note. Flipped it over & She read it in spanish and then started to bawl She then started kissing me again and I said" I am delivery boy" She say no no, it is gift from God, gift from God! So I am trying not to bawl I ask her where to put the groceires, trying to hold it together, smiling but wanting to cry. She just pointed, it wasn't a house just like a room. Just as I put the stuff in the corner I hear these screams and all of sudden, Wham! Wham! Two Boys hit me one leg & then the other! These two little guys just tackle me! When they saw the food, they went crazy! When they saw the pumpkin pie, it was over! I said come out with me, they came out with me and we kept bringing the groceries in I am telling you it was like..I don't know how to describe it. It was the most euphoric, fun passionate, loving! It was like they were my little brothers. We brought all the stuff in. They were laughing, lit up! and then It was time for me to go. I didn't want to go They didn't want me to go! One little boy just wouldn't let go of my leg! He kept looking at me and hugging me. But I had to go and make the other delivery. So I tried to tell the woman that I had to go She said something in her own language. i didn't know but I knew it meant OK! So as I went to leave, she grab my arm and she had tears in her eyes. I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving but I didn't know Spanish so I went... It was close! She started laughing! went from crying to laughing! She then grabbed me gave me this big hug and the Kids gave me hugs. I walked out and they were all standing in the porch i got back into my little van and drove it out to turn around and I looked in the rear view mirror and I was feeling all these emotions building in my body I looked in the mirror and I saw Momma, standing in the porch with all her kids smiling and Momma crying hysterically and smiling from ear to ear! I couldn't keep it together. I was right there, stopped at the street and started bawling uncontrollably I remember thinking, this is a beautiful thing, why is this making me cry? This great thing, why am I so emotional about this? Then I got it. I realised in that moment that the worst day in my life, my father leaving it actually been the best day of my life. Because if I hadn't had that experience I wouldn't be here today and now because of that, I get to live this life and I have this desire and the drive and the want to give it this way so that I really realise the worst day was the best day and that was God's gift. The gift wouldn't been there if he would had stayed There is an old country song" Thank God for unanswered prayers" It's a story about this man wants his prayer, finds out later on that his prayer wasn't fulfilled so I tell you this story for couple of reasons. One is that if you want to change your life, figure out how your worst day is your best day it will change everything because it is if you look for it, If you find the deeper meaning it is.There won't be something in you without it The second reason is that I want to recruit your soul...not for your money or business I want to recruit you in this action of going to make a difference. I want to recruit you for you because I know that if you go out and do few of these things you will get hooked and you will make it richer or change your life. Whatever you do in your life, this is what it's really about It won't be long before it is Thanksgiving. We still do this. I started off in the first year with 2 families and the next year I fed 4 and then double it to 8, which was lot of work. I didn't tell anyone that I was doing it because I wasn't doing it for acknowledgement but I was doing it becasue it was right but after a while I felt I could do with some help so I got my friends together and said that instead of having turkey lets give Thanks Let go and build baskets with food and great stuff and lets deliver it to people and then we come and have big dinner and talk about what we are grateful for and have our dinner. so we did it and it became ritual and it grew. Then I built some companies and my employees got involved and then 14-15 years ago I started my foundation. Last year, we fed over a million people now in 9 countries around the world on Christmas and thanksgiving. Pretty amazing experience...Thank you...Thank you.. I Thank you for your applause. I wasn't telling you for that reason, I want to recruit you You can give your money but I much prefer if you just go and deliver the food because I tell You what is great, You will be changed by that. It is easy to give money when you enter an environment, you don't give as the giver but you go as the delivery person but you are really the one who made it. It will absolutely change your life.

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Anthony Robbins tells the story of his first Basket Brigade.

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