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Promo - Prosperity Principles - Portugal - Yosef Shneor

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Hi everyone, please join me for a short game please choose from 1 to 10 1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest how much are you satisfied with your financial life? how much are you happy? how much are you full with certainty? and peacefulness? regarding your financial life? well, if you say an answer, which is less than 5 so don't worry, you are in good company. most of the people in the world will answer a low number on this question, and research actually shows that even people that have money, even those people will have doubts will have fears of the future and usually the experience is not so positive regarding our financial lives now... we will hold a seminar about prosperity and kabbalah this seminar we will actually show and teach that prosperity and abundance is only a metaphysical experience it's an experience of consciousness and since it's an experience of consciousness it's something that each and every one of us can control each one of us can actually enhance and grow the ability to experience prosperity in our lives now, we will talk in the seminar about the energetic essence of money what is money all about? we will also talk... how sometimes we are actually blocking the flow of abundance into our lives and how we can unblock it what are the ways, the consciousness the ways of consciousness with which we can unblock the flow of abundance into our lives? Also, we will discuss - and this is something really that I'm excited about - we will explain the idea of creating a metaphysical bank account each one of us can create this dimension, that can actually once its strong enough, can start sending all kinds of benefits to our lives it's similar to planting a tree that after a while, this tree starts to give fruits so, each one of us will learn the technique and the consciousness how we can create this metaphysical bank account in our lives and, this and many many other things tools, meditations and so on, workshops will be held, will be given in this seminar it's a 3 hour seminar, give or take, and I'm really excited to see you physically there in Lisbon, 22nd of January and please hurry up to sign up since the space is limited and those who sign up first will gain. thank you very much, see you soon and all the best, bye bye

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