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Victims of Samsung : Park Jiyeon (part 2)

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Another Family..... Thrown Away by Samsung The Story of Park Jiyeon, Part 2 Jiyeon's mother suddenly searches her bag in the middle of talking with us. There are JiYeon's photos in it 'I miss Jiyeon as she was before she started getting sick... I miss her so much...I cry whenever I look at this photo. I did not keep these photos with me but now I miss how she looked with her long hair so much.. Despite her mother's devoted hope, it is uncertain when Jiyeon's health will recover The family is too poor to treat the leukemia They have to depend on Samsung, just the one that gave Jiyeon her disease A month after an attack of leukemia, the team leader and supervisor came to the hospital several times Later the head of the division came to us with about USD 7,000 which he said had been collected from the colleagues working in the same line as Jiyeon After the first treatment, the team leader and supervisor came again. It had been five months. I was so upset. They came when I was crying alone. I said to them, crying: Did you came to check whether Jiyeon is alive or dead? What did you come here for? Go back right now! Two department managers come after that saying that we will sort out medical expenses and such like. They keep on coming. I said that we needed urgent help for transplantation that costs around USD 10,000 They paid for two transplantation surgeries. JiYeon lives in the village without any hygienic toilet but she should live in a clean environment for her treatment Samsung has a policy for house repairing, and they came to our house in the village. We are so poor But even if they repaired our house, we need to have transportation, and we don't have any car to go to the hospital and here, the public bus runs only twice a day. I said instead why don't you give us money to rent a house in town. They said yes they would. but after we submitted an application for medical treatment by industrial accident compensation insurance they said go ahead, take the legal process! And since then they flatly stopped contacting us - not even a single phone call. Jiyeon and her mother can't suppress their anger towards Samsung, who does not keep their word. "Why don't they implement even their own policy? We could use it for medical expenses or living costs Why don't they provide it for us who suffer a lot for lack of money... they did not even make a single phone call for a long time. Then after three months, Samsung people called me on the phone. They asked for Jiyeon's mother. I said, Yes it's me. I am at the hospital," I said. Then they asked, "Why are you at the hospital again?" Does it make sense to ask why we come to the hospital? We have to come to the hospital because Jiyeon is sick. Jiyeon was discharged on May 23 and admitted the next day, hospitalized again 12 days later, discharged after three days admitted again after nine days and now... we just keep on doing this I came to emergency room three times after transplantation The other day they paid the medical fees, about [US$344]? Or was it [US$318]? That's all we got from Samsung. Jiyeon and I should sit in front of Samsung and cry to death or starve to death. I cannot stand this, it is unfair.. Far from helping Jiyeon's family who are in such hard circumstances, Samsung has only added to their suffering. Samsung told Jiyeon's close colleagues who comes to us from time to time that Jiyeon has been doing well since her industrial accident application was accepted so the colleagues said to Jiyeon "Well done!" Jiyeon replied, "What you are talking about? It is not true." Jiyeon said that no one from Samsung comes by anymore and no phone calls either. Jiyeon's colleagues got angry and then sent a text message "Bastards!" Samsung told my colleagues that the industrial accident application was accepted and the process was going well Jiyeon's mother emphasized Jiyeon's disease was caused by Samsung and Samsung's 'no union policy' If there was a trade union in Samsung, individuals would not face this trouble individual finds it extremely difficult to fight against a big company like Samsung Samsung does not take any notice of individual protests which do not have a union's support a trade union should be formed as soon as possible, even though many things have already occurred so far One year to me feels like ten years and I am going crazy.... my daughter is getting worse every day... Samsung must be just waiting for the days to pass, for the work leave to be over, and the retirement day to come I wish Samsung would think they could save one's life with their power rather than killing one Please save my daughter...she will not live long if something goes wrong I wish Samsung could take care of my daughter to live a few months more or a few years is my deepest wish it is unfair..for her to like this. She has to survive, we have to save her... But to make her live a few months or a few years longer, we need money... Samsung has to do something for this... I feel so frustrated and depressed. I do not get any help from the company I work for and they do not care As the victim I feel it's so unjust... We welcome any Samsung workers who have symptoms of leukemia or cancers to report it to us. Korean Metal Workers Union

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Posted by: stopsamsung on Apr 12, 2010

Park Jiyeon (1987~2010) began to work in Samsung semiconductor factory at her age of 18. Her job was test the microchips using various chemicals and X-ray (radiation). She got acute leukemia (a kind of blood cancer) at age 20. Finally she died last March, before achieving workers compensation from the government. This is the second part of her documentary made in 2008.

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