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NANO Class 2 : Rav on Nano

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[off-screen] In relationship to the vessel. If you take a [off-screen] glass cup, a very fine glass cup, it's a vessel. [off-screen] If we seems to have water in the tea, and [off-screen] all it wants to do is receive the tea. [off-screen] If you take it and you shatter it, it's gonna [off-screen] shatter in an exact way. Every piece is gonna [off-screen] break just the way it's supposed to break. [off-screen] Every piece now can have a different desire. [off-screen] But when they were together, all they wanted [off-screen] was to get the tea [Rav] Nice, nice, nice. OK. [Rav] That's if you're ready to admit [Rav] that each crystal in the glass [off-screen] Break even. [Rav] It is another energy [off-screen] they hold each other. The way it's supposed to be. [Rav] That each thought, energy intelligence is... [Rav] But each one. Yeah, but they can live together. [Rav] But when they're shattered, everyone is a separate energy [Rav] intelligence. [off-screen] The desire is [off-screen] special edged? [Rav] No. No, it became [Rav] manifest. It went out of the state of unification. [Rav] That's a nice example. I don't want to limit it to that. [Rav] Because the glass can't live together with a book. [off-screen] It's a vessel. [Rav] Yeah, it's unification [Rav] process ends at a certain point. But, just a thought. [off-screen] That can also prove that the atom may be something.. [Rav] How? [off-screen0By being different shape. [Rav] Here the atom is in the table. Here the atom is in the.. [Rav] That'll tell you. That'll tell you they're not here yet. [Rav] Were we already, there not there. That'll tell you [Rav] that the atoms remain the same. It is only the wood [Rav] that really makes the impression but then you hide [Rav] them with this. Where was I? Are you telling me that [Rav] the 1 percent really has such an influence on the [Rav] 99 percent that it can change things? [Rav] Right? Then they'll also tell you [Rav] You know you're right. I forgot about what I learned [Rav] in college. That was true uncertainty. That we really shouldn't [Rav] give so much importance to the physical thought. [Rav] Because they use that... It shows you how contradicting [Rav] they are. First I'll tell you, like you said, the atoms are [Rav] all the same. Whether their in the table, whether they're [Rav] in a glass. All the same. Right? [Rav] It's the table that makes the whole difference. [Rav] The answer is yes and no. Why? [Rav] Because how could you say that the table and the glass [Rav] because they're two different things. You, yourself [Rav] believe that there's uncertainty. That it's only a [Rav] an illusion. That the glass is, maybe no glass. [Rav] That the glass is the table and the table is the glass. [Rav] It's possible. Let me say. Right? [Rav] So, where is the importance? It should be in the [Rav] 99 percent. And on the other percent, because this [Rav] atom has this kind of desire, see he came here. [Rav] And this atom came here. Oh wait a second, wait. [Rav] Now you're telling me atoms have the intelligence of man? [Rav] It has? [off-screen] But they're above it. [Rav] That's the only difference. That is the only difference. [Rav] They have a tremendous amount of intelligence. Far superior [Rav] than most people however, most people are those [Rav] who do not think. Therefor the atom seems to be [Rav] a powerful option. But, on Shabbat, we control [Rav] the atoms and those. That's what we're doing. [Rav] That's what we're doing. The atom is an atom and I say [Rav] You are now going to become of the right column? [Rav] He's gonna listen to me. I believe that. [Rav] I shouldn't say I believe it. I know it. I know it.

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