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The Express

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(narr) In 1956, Syracuse University's Jim Brown, was perhaps the best running back college football had ever seen. But he was unable to become the first African American to win the Heisman trophy. Some said if Brown couldn't do it, it might never happen. One year later, Ernie Davis took the field Mr. Brown. What's it like at Syracuse, for men like us? It's not that different than a lot of places. Good morning sir. Beautiful day, isn't it. The coach swore that he's one of the best players in college ball. What are you smiling at? Right about now, I bet you're wondering what happened to the nice man that begged you to come here, huh? C'mon, let's go. What are you guys studying? Oh, a little bit of everything. We're on the football team. And that. I don't really know too much about football. Neither does he. You can't let him treat you like that. I ain't sayin' nothin'. I do my talking on the field. (announcer) Look at that young man go! Syracuse may just have found their next great halfback. (reporter) With what is going on in this country do you feel added pressure to represent change? When I'm out on that field, I only think about winning the game. But that doesn't mean I don't know the color of my own skin. Think we've been south? We ain't been south till we go to Texas. We shouldn't play him. I have a responsibility to my team. Jack, Art and me, we're all a part of your team. Maybe coach, the rules down here are your rules too. Now that's something, for colored folks to open up a newspaper, Ernie, and see your name. You owe them more than just runnin' a ball. I'm playin'. You hear me? (narr) In a time of change... This is not just a game, we're fighting something else out on the field right now. (narr) man had the courage... I can't even walk in the front door of a hotel. Now all those people who believe that's right, are watching. But you know what? So are they. (narr) achieve the extraordinary. Winning this one means nothing if you lose yourselves. Don't you let anyone steal history away from you!

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