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Hello and Welcome to the Zeitgiest Movement So you´ve seen the movies and you want to know what to do next to get started? On the main page there is a place where you can put your email address you signed up for updates and things like that by email If you'd like to go a little more in depth you have to create a user acount. So I'm going to click login/logout here And hopefully it won't take too long. Beautiful. So, this is how I would log in. But, if I don't have a username yet, I will have to register. Which brings us to a registration page. You can type in your name Pick a username Type in your e-mail address Select a password, confirm it, and then fill out the captcha code. I'm going to click register And it's going to tell me I haven't finished this information Once you finish this information more than likely an e.mail is going to be sent to you, verifying this password You have to reply to this e-mail to use your acount So I'm going to log in to my account now and show you how to navigate around the site Alright. I logged into my acount. By now you should have registered checked your e-mail address, confirmed that e-mail address And then gone to login and typed in your username and password and you are officially registered for the movement The oldest part of the movement will probably be the forum The forums were around before the chatrooms were around, before the project management system was around, before ventrilo was around so this is a huge database with various different languages as you can see with information, and it's a great way to stay updated but it is definitely a little cluttered Another way that we can communicate is through the chatroom It's fairly easy if you understand IRC You can use different IRC programs such as - I use - Chatzilla And my IRC looks something like this Or you can just simply enter the Java-version which will bring up a Java window of the IRC chat Right here in the browser, if that's easier for you. If you want to start getting into some hot'n'heavy stuff you would look for the Project Management System And I'm going to do a more detailed review of this But ultimately - you know, let's just go ahead login here Alright. Once you log in you come to a blank screen At least I come to a blank screen So you have to know where to click to start finding things. Well if you haven't joined any projects up here at the it says 'view' and join or leave projects. So we're going to click that And now here's a whole list of different projects that are going on right now A lot of these are translations If there's any languages that you know how to translate you would like to contact an admin as fast as possile Here, if you click tanktops name you could notify him immediately If you see any languages that you can speak and volunteer to translate with and that would be delightful. But there's also lots of other projects. Right here is the simple project management system projects. If you want to help work on this system and make it better and more easily understood then you simply join this project by clicking join over here. Once you join you'll know because instead of saying 'join' it will say 'leave' as in I'm a member - and the rest of these say 'not member' in the communications team. And the communications team has three different sub-teams. It has an education sub-team I think maybe an activism sub-team You could find that out. I'm going to bring up the forums, one sec. In the forums here I'm going to projects. In fact, I'm just going to go straight to Communication Team down here. You have Education sub-team, Activism sub-tema and Lecture-Cicuit sub-team. So these are all inside the Communications team If I go back here, you will see Underneath prjects: you have a Communications team, a Creative team, a Technology team, and an Administration team. So, if any of those suit you, you can probably find them by sifting through here. Ok well I've been looking over this list here, and I see the Communications team I also see a Science/Technical Support team and a lot of translations, z-day events But anyway, you can look through this list at your leisure If there's anything that you see that interests you you can join those teams. Once you have joined those teams - this is the list of projects - you can go - let's see if I hit back get to where it was - yes And now I'm back at the project management. So - 'reports' is lovely to click. And nothing came up. So - let's do 'browse' open tasks. There we go. These are what has currently been assigned to the teams that I am on. As you see here, it says Communications team Education sub-team. Since I joined that on the projects list

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Tutorial del Sistema de Manejo de Proyectos del Movimiento Zeitgeist

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