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The best reason to do it is that, it comes out of what James said to you, that was a thread or a strand between the songs and the themes on the album. That's the best reason for it, because when somebody asks you, "Why did you call the album 'Death Magnetic'?" you really have a way of saying, "I wrote a lot of songs and there was a common thread," OK? There's an attraction, there's a repulsion. It gives you a lot of rich things to say that don't make you sound stupid. Yeah, look, they have great intro, "it's time to surrender to the Death Magnetic". It's a whole world you don't know until you hear the song you're referring to. Another side to Death Magnetic. Another side to the Death Magnetic. This song is another side to the Death Magnetic. - It's great. - James, what's your problem with it? - No. - No, no. I think this is the best thing we've got. We have a good rationale for using it. It sounds good, OK, which is important. There's nobody here feels like that's a bad title. Everybody in the band is into it. - M-A-G-N-E...? - T-I-C. What I like is, I really like what you said, which is about the insinuated celebrity. The deeper you dig the less that makes sense. I agree with that. Death Magnetic is reminding me of something. I'm trying to think what it was. It has the same cadence as "light fantastic". Yeah, it does, totally. - It totally does. - Cadence is good. And actually it's almost the flip side of light fantastic. "Trip the Death Magnetic"! There's your fucking line right there. For everbody else it's "trip the light fantastic", but you interpret "trip the Death Magnetic", and, whoa, that's a real downer. Completely the opposite to tripping the light fantastic. It's mystic, it's cryptic in a way, it's heavy. I say we lock it down and we call it a day. It's 8 o'clock.

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Posted by: brynarth on Aug 1, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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