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First you enter the facebook page, fill your details in and click on register Second write the security code that appears on the screen Aparecerán tres pasos que te permitirán actualizar tu información, en el primer paso esta como encontrar amigos desde tu correo The second step will allow you to update your profile information n the third step you can update your profile picture giving you click on the image and pointing from your file that you want to upload photo Once you completed these steps you enter start and you click on the option on the left side of the page called friends will open a page where you will find different ways to find friends, either from your email, on facebook or instant messaging At the top you will find a search engine that allows you to contact your friends, there is an option on the left side of the page called news By giving click engine below some options related person with the name of the friend you're looking for To view or update your profile you click on in the top of the page where it says profile On the left side of the page you will find an option that says edit my profile, you click on there This will open a page with a left side options that allow you to make the settings you want on your profile When finished allas option you click on the top of the screen called it, the option you click on privacy settings Finally you can upload information to your wall and then give the box that says share this way everyone can see your ideas, images, etc.

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Posted by: sofiaa on Sep 8, 2013

pasos para crear un facebbok

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