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NM Sagittarius Naomi Zohar 2014

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Chodesh tov everyone. My name is Naomi Zohar. I'm one of the astrologers in Kabbalah Centre of Europe. It's very exciting to be here with you tonight for new Sagittarius and month of Kislev. It's a very exciting month. It's a month of miracles. It's a month of Hanukkah. We know that really this month everything is possible. Also this month is very exciting for the world and also Europe. We will start this month in Venus and Sagittarius. Venus and Sagittarius. It's a very exciting Venus. Love is definitely in the air. We'll all have the desire to explore and to travel and to meet new people, which is amazing energy if you're single, but if you are in a relationship or you are married, I would highly recommend to take all these ideas and take all that energy and to truly put it into the foundation of your relationship. Go and take out your husband or wife or partner on a date. Go do something exciting together. Go play snowballs if the weather allows, but really try to take all that excitement and energy towards building something. Because also this month will be a little bit fiery. Sometimes when we will go into the arguments then we might be able to say things that we don't mean or to say things in a very sharp way. Try to push the pause button this month. Actually for Europe it's exactly what's going to happen. The beginning of the month, 23rd of November, is going to open up Jupiter semi squaring ascendant and with Heaven. Meaning that this month we'll have big desires, we'll want to achieve a lot of things, we'll want to build our career, we'll want to be able to build our status, but there is something that's going to come in the energy that's going to make us stop, pause for a second. There will be certain challenges that are going to happen at our work or in our home, but these challenges are good. Actually these challenges are going to be bringing the energy of mercy and telling us one second. Maybe this is not exactly what you want. Maybe this is not exactly what you need in 5, 10 year's time. Let's say you're about to buy a new house or a new car or you're about to sign an important deal, so there are things that are going to happen to make you pause, to make you restrict, not to jump on the first offer but to really be able to look at it and think is it the right thing for me? Is it the right thing for me long-term? Please, all the challenges this month, try to take them in as opportunities, as opportunities for change, and also we'll have Saturn squaring Pluto this month for Europe, meaning that there will definitely be an energy of change. However, things will happen external that will be challenging and problems arising that will make us stop, look inside of ourselves, and seeing if actually maybe we're looking at a situation from a different angle. Maybe we're judging a person a little bit too much. So the true thing to do this month is to be able to look inside of us and take the challenges and see what can we change inside of us? What could we change internally to really be able to face the challenge and resolve it? This month eventually everything is going to work out, everything is going to be good. There will, however, be little delays in the areas in your life where change is demanded. This month is actually a perfect month for change, for internal change because you'll have so much energy of miracles and mercy, and it will be able to really change our nature this month. Things will just happen for us. It's a really, really beautiful month. There will also be so-called-saying "stop to smell the roses". To really be able to reexamine why we do things in life. It's also how we do things in life but most important the reasons why we do. What is driving us in life? What is motivating us in life? It's a great time to also go deeper into our spiritual work, to talk to a teacher, to talk to a mentor and see for the beginning of 2015—we have only a month and a half left— what is it that I can do internally? What is it I can change and the reasons why I do things and actually are going to bring me an unbelievable year to come? I'm very excited for you tonight. This is going to be a very, very special month. Again one of the things to really be able to invest into the relationships and build relationships with people, relationships with people at work. Now, for Europe and European Union, this month is going to be a little bit challenging. I'll have to say. Financially things are not going to be so simple. Also for banks it's not going to be simple. There will be also change demanded from the government. Certain change in structures, certain ways in how they deal with money and how they do things. It's funny that actually charts of Europe will reflect our personal life. Both will have to look for changes and things to look into. Also this month is very interesting. If you are planning to expand your family or to have more kids or to provide more benefits for your kids but things are financially a little bit tough, there will be openings this month. Actually ask for help from the government. The government will be more open and authorities to help you in child benefits, in mother benefits. If you're deliberating whether it's the right time to expand your family or not, try to see what you could benefit from in the government way, whether you have a national insurance or whether there's an agency you can consult with. Things for mothers actually will have a big opening this month, which is very interesting, so for sure take advantage of it. Also there is a little bit delay in traveling this month, and there will be a little bit challenge when it comes to spiritual growth. Actually in the chart of Europe it comes hand in hand together. When it comes to travel, again if you are having difficulties traveling this month, look at it. Say maybe it's not the right time to travel. Maybe you're traveling to the wrong place. Ask the reasons why you were supposed to be traveling in the first place. Eventually things will get resolved. Now as much as we'll have excitement this month for growth and expansion, there will also be a little bit—not doubts but sometimes it will be hard for us to sit still. Let's say we want to scan the Zohar, we want to study, we want to watch lecture of new month, but it's going to be hard for us to sit and concentrate because our soul will want freedom and exploration and go out. Know how to trick your own opponent. Maybe if you're usually the type to read books so try to watch a visual lecture. Maybe study with a friend, or maybe go take your laptop and go to coffee shop or do it with people. Find ways to trick your opponent when it comes to spiritual study this month because this month will be amazing to expand and to go deeper into your spiritual study. I wish you guys all a beautiful month, and it's definitely a month of miracles. It was a pleasure to be with you tonight and hopefully see you next month. Bye.

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