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Basak Taner - Istanbul, Turkey - Turkish (Global Lives Project, 2013) - 06:30:00-06:59:59

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We can reserve it for you. How much is it? —13.5 Do we have it inside? Kazım, can I take that five you have? I gave it. —You gave it already. Ok Alright. See you. Goodbye. Thank you. You take this. I don't want to owe you anything. I will take care of it. Welcome, how are you? Are you fine? Thank you. I can take it. Mr. Hüseyin. We will bring the rest of your prescription drugs. There is one package from each drug right now. Three packages have been prescribed. The rest will arrive in the afternoon. Around 13-13.30pm. Is it ok? Is there anything else we can do now? —Not for now. Should I issue these? Would you get them all together? You want these? OK. I will pay for all. —Ok. Let's do that. Come around 13.30pm. We are here until 19.00pm. Whenever you want. You know how to use the drug. I am not rewriting it Mr. Hüseyin. Mr. Hüseyin you need to pay 14 lira. You keep this password for now. You can use it again the next time your purchase a drug for your blood pressure. You need fifty? Am I getting this?—Yes you are. But you can get this for the second time with the same password. We will try it for the eye but you may not get it. Because only the blood pressure drugs are prescribed. Welcome. There you go. There you go. See you goodbye. Your id number is written here. Mr. Kenan here is your prescription. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Something goes wrong as we enter your info into the system. They stamped it so awkwardly. I can't find the doctor's name. Should I try it manually?—You should. I tried those numbers. Did you try number 9?—I did. You tried 78? Is that the one written next to it? No not that one. What was that? Mehmet Nuri Tolunay. You have an antibiotic and a pain killer Mr. Kenan. The doctor prescribed it for that. This antibiotic is used for soft tissue infection. This is used for soft tissue and for throat infections. Maybe he prescribed it for general use. This is your pain killer. But we don't have anything extra for the infections on finger. Maybe he prescribed these medicines for the same symptom. Did your finger get infected? Start off with this antibiotic. You will have one in every 12 hours. Are you taking an order? Can she call in 2 minutes? Mr. Kenan can I take your phone number? There is a 12 lira physical examination balance. You need to pay 3 liras for this prescription. You need to pay 15 lira to the state for your physical examinations. You had a previous balance of 12 lira on February the 8th at Private Sarıgazi Medical Center. And this prescription requires you to pay 15 lira. The drugs cost 8 lira. Your total is 23 lira. I will print out your physical examination details, please keep it. There you go. I just need your signature. I wrote on the packages as well. This is your physical examination fee. If you have, exact change will be great. Thanks. There you go. Sorry to have kept you waiting. —God speed! Goodbye. May you get well soon. Where is Burçin? We were going to drink tea with Kazım. Girls were you crammed this morning? Was it too busy? Dear Elif, these drugs are ordered right? Have they been paid? Is the factory getting these by wholesale? They sent the drugs and the requisite all in the same package. Why would they do such a thing? We asked for a tooth brush. —Look, there are a few automatic ones over there. Let's seperate the drugs from the requisites. Why would they send them together? Let's check out the price. Take this one to the back so it doesn't take up too much space. Sorry Kazım. I couldn't pay attention to you. We were going to drink some tea but then everyone came. Dear Elif, can you give us some tea? We can nibble on something, grab a bite? Oh those orders. This is the sale of a package of 8. Check out its dates. These packages came for us? They got the packages of 2 and 4 and ordered the packages of 8. This is the net price. There is a 34 lira profit. If we bill it to half... We can apply a 10% discount. How are you? Are you fine? Thank you. Please. Rennie the coughing syrup right? The red one ok. It costs 5 lira. There you go. We can eat something. Are you full?I am hungry. The hungry one goes in the back. Have you eaten? Kazım you take one sugar right? Ok. Burçin I am coming soon. You got a lighter right? Can you guys look up, how does it look?—Super. Super, original, great ok. —Thank you. Should we go to the cafe? Has it started raining here? We are fine. We brought our own tea. Can we get an ashtray please? I am bringing it right away. —OK. How are you?—How can I be? I am ok. How are you? I am trying to be fine. We are dealing with Zeyno. I sent off Cüneyt. When is he coming back?—In a week. He will be back in a week. What have you been up to? How is work going? I am not in the mood. I will take this. Do you want one of these? Can I light it? Finally, I quit my job. My boss was expecting this. I didn't want to continue working there. He had a lot of problems. We would quarrel a lot. Finally, I decided to leave. We knew things were going to get this far. We were just postponing it. I can't hear you well. Can you speak up? I need to get my ear checked. I quit work yesterday. I am completely done with that place. —Let's hope for the best. You can find another one. What are you thinking now? I can't think of anything now. Do you want to apply to another company and work there? As a matter of fact no. I want to do things on my own but haven't decided what to do yet. I will talk to my friends. I have some ideas. I will gather my thoughts and come up with something. If you want to be self employed, that is always easier. There can be conflicts when you work with many people. I am too much bothered with those frictions. It was a very stressful period for me. They laugh at your face and talk behind your back right?—Of course. Right after I graduated, I worked for private sector for a few years. Then I quit and started thinking whether I should help my parents or not. This place is so noisy. When you are close to an industrial area... Then I thought what I should do. I wanted to contribute. You know my parents have been here for a while. There are many patients around here who can't leave home or live too far away. Then I asked myself what I should have done to be helpful and come up with the idea of delivering the drugs myself. You know I also love driving. The story started off with a few patients. Then people heard. They were pleased that I was delivering the drugs. We met a lot of new people. Now it is uncle Hasan, aunt Ayşe for me. I go to their gardens and pick some tomatoes, cucumbers etc. We became close. They are such sweet people. I have a few other friends who own pharmacy stores. They also needed this service. So it wasn't just for my parents' store. I also found some other pharmacy stores in Istanbul. I got to know the clients first. I got to know their houses. I delivered the drugs to them and it became my job. I created my own job. I am also very helpful to my parents. They did a lot to educate me. Your work is spiritually great. I mean helping out people, easing one of their troubles is quite beautiful. I am making their lives easier. Now that you are describing your work, it feels different . I see you from time to time. But I never guessed it would be so extensive. You get a better picture when you talk about it. Actually, there is also a lot of potential. There is great need. You also have a car. You can drive. You can think of a job like this. There are many areas I can't reach. You can check out those. I need to go back home on time for Zeynep. Keep that in mind. You can do it? Is there a time restriction? Do you get to deliver in a certain period of time? It goes like this. The man brings his prescription but he needs to return home or we don't have that medicine at the store. And he needs the medicine on the next day. You need to take it to the patient on the following day. I can't hold it for a few days. We prep the drugs for every day. I deliver it the next day. I distribute it. It takes 6 hours or so to deliver. Then I have a few hours for myself. You can fix it so you deliver the drugs for 3-4 hours and do some other work for the rest of the day. Yes. It sounds like a great satisfaction to do some good and become like family with these people. You see this guy, he can't get up, he doesn't have any relatives to help him out either. Then you take the medicine to him. There is so much spiritual satisfaction. I would love to help out as well. It is a decent job. —We can look for a pharmacy for you to work with. I will be glad. —We can do that why not? On the Anatolian side?

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Basak works.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Basak Taner, a pharmaceutical delivery person in Istanbul, Turkey. Produced by Mutlu Vrysopoulos, Onur Aldogan, Huseyin Kok, Orhan Caliskan, Mert Aldogan, Semih Gur, Suphi Uzun and Muhammed Genc, this video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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