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Jacque Fresco - Metaphysics (1975)

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I mean that i'm a little bit of a problem, a border i said yesterday, like, you want holding border was here yesterday and said that he brought an interesting point. He said you can't demonstrate fact of doesn't exist. And instead of saying it doesn't exist, why don't you just say that we don't have any evidence to support this existence, and instead of saying flattening doesn't exist. You know, a lot of people feel that is a very relevant point. Like take a look at technological fear that i have, a tremendous fear of metaphysics. I know a lot that you don't know this, so you don't know that well. I have a tremendous fear of this whole area. Does anybody know why? I can't wait it. No it doesn't fear. That is a very threatening... That wasn't treaten you. Why is it threathen because, well, it could, it's not based on any kind of physical representation, and couldn't turn into another inquisition. Right. In another words, once my mother comes every night, she was only visiting me. And i may have, one if you probably not aware of things like this, if you are a particular kind of technician, particular kind, your dreams are technically fear, whatever field you work on. Now, you are a metaphysical, coming into ghost and said almost fired, And the sweeping cat on that child. If you had a child that died, and very concerned about that, and said it in the way outside the window, you might say, i don't know what you hear with your metaphysical background, and i very much affraid that once i come and say the difficulty of this, i feel it, the whole fucking continent going insane. And so, metaphysics to me mean, people don't walk through detail, by their beliefs and inclinations with less and less verifications, you know? You're a witch, i'm a witch, you know? A warlock. The powers have being given me to heal you, and this is, all kinds of shit, whole varieties, growing in different directions. Then you get a guy for the true warlock, another kind of warlock, a fully warlocks, the warlocks that are low grade warlocks, with high grade warlocks. Like in metaphysics, you got certain terms of lower astros, the broad group race. And i will give you some metaphysical shit. So in times, when i put my and i get less water, i came back and was not there anymore, you know? He know you, what the hell is doing there? The real story is this, that i am preoccupied when i worked on, and these guys dropped on and i put them on and nothing about, that is something in the book, that is what happened. And i usually put my pipe there. But if i put my pipe and you know, Fresco, there was some tense around, i would never forget. But i don't do that, because i used to see all the profit all the people running around the point, because this was nearly available circuit, since i don't... Some people are so conventional they couldn't buy it anywhere, in any aspect, because the ash tray, you see? They respond to the law, like this. So what happens is a lot of people don't operate in disciplines in a certain way, and if you get into this group ratio, i could get some lower asteroids that come around and harass me, you know what i mean? Now, in Hawaii, in south seas, they have them too, they call them mini honeys, that little people. and they solve problems with the natives, if someone have problems there, they go away. And you say what happened, they not seem to be faced, the mini honeys, see? Well, everything is not going well. Well, many mini honeys were fixed that. And in the islands they used to that. Now, i can turn around and say god damn it through points, you see what i mean? Well, i put this glass on where i can, i know i will put it there, i were going back and put back on the floor. God damn, moron, asshole. Now you think people die and come back to harass you, then, god, it's criminally, you would say. In other words, if these people can organize around Fresco, and put it around here, and this is all they got to do. And this is the highest form of life called man. I know that they would not come back. And if they to herass me fucking, they would put their pants on, put it there, you know? And then, the shit that people believe is so fantastic, they believe that we are the force of the group race, and that would involve enough become one of the cosmic only with the god here. And another people believe that all people are gods under themselves, in the process of evolution, and they were involving. But, they have to let go with the material things, because material things interfere with the spiritual. And now, such things was lost, money and power, all of that interferes with that carefully love of life. And you will find that correlation, i think might be coming around now, including what i say, and not all of you, a great deal of you. At the university level, one college kid still believe in war, and in a world free of war. He would like to see a world which was in peace, harmony and love. And what happened to these kids when started up in a world without profit, without fighting? They seem that they do nothing. What would they get out in a world and get their business going on, instead of smoke these 50 cents cigars, and get a mercedes, can i, big house, let me following, yatch. And you say what happened with me in the entire watching i was a kid then, you know. So what happens is, we get involved in this world, and all these things are gone. That's why, in an university level, not at all the case, just 50% of the students, we get on what you get is what do we do to handle pollution? We adults, we always had pollution and we wouldn't have at thing, they can beat that on all shit, because these kids they came up with their ideals, they wanted something new and the guy said yes, not all the time, but, get harassing him continuously. So people don't push anymore, you know, hold, watch, then use. So whatever their flat new house, is that get out twice you off, stay with it, try anymore. So you broke in that house, most of us would be about to get involved 30 or 33 would brought it. We just don't have any fight against us, so that's why you are quite youth with the future, or useful ideas. What happened was i tried out to associate with people in my age, at nearly 60, and if i say that people at my age once they were running under the ground, you know, walking like, and so i got them walking like that, so i tried to have an association. Now, a lot of people doesn't understand that damn Fresco, you know, when lot of people have his age, and that is not right, think that is not right. And i want to tell something. I will try to get this message across to you. If you, when you get 7 years old, now flowers still have a lot it's not going to trouble on that. As ready as you get 80 years old, then you see a beautyful sunset and this was just as beautiful. And now you would meet a nice person like to talk to someone, whether they are 70 or 9 yars old, you like that. And so, if you're not sick, you know, with those walking away, you would be able to jump around, and walk around, do many things, and if you read a lot, your enthusiasm and your ideas would be the same. I can get, using the term state of mind, it's an attitude, i really believe this. I believe that a lot people get married, have kids, and then they act their own, if you get look now 37 years old, say to 60, and you are telling me you the true not to come in too late. Now, when you get children, they do that really say shit, and then you ask children to imitate their parents, and you say no, you're not, you have too much ice cream thing to do. And i think that what we do is play the fucking rule. We go a movie, and a guy 20 years old, reason favourite, and doesn't anymore. He would never see your face anymore. Now, in the early days, when they first married and each other, and they went for a while, all she sees is the new picture. And this is, you know, it isn't a foreplay, you don't talk to me anymore, and he says, what would we talk about? And so, what happens is, we keep getting of and put into ourselves, because requiring, it takes too much effort to deal with another person. In the early days, with each other, they don't want to, okay? They go to the library together, they go to movie together. Whatever they get older, they tend to not do things together, they can not do, they are not that interested. i go shopping with my girlfriend, you know, is a pain in the ass, you know, i don't like it. When you know each other, you want shopping, and i say yes. I don't want to number 5, i'm not interested in that shit. I think this blouse looks better than the yellow one... I said yes, you don't like the other? I said no, i like this, and what about the yellow one? I don't want to, take both, or leave one behind, but don't make a fucking issue while the world is falling apart. I don't like to go shopping, and i give a shit giving shit if a shoe is 9 or 11, i really don't give a shit, trying that situation. At certain things i'm interested in, but don't ask me about these things. They really bother my ass. So, a lot of you people still don't understand that, and you always...

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A clip from Fresco's Classic Lecture Series (2b.) "Metaphysics" - April 9, 1975

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