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In 1946, yes, in 1946 she was sent to Magadan at the beginning of 1946, and at the begining of 1947 she was sent to Malinovka. Yes, and spent there don't remember... there they built as she used to tell us they built a road there. Have you seen a bridge there? Hanging there. No? So, that bridge was built by their hands. She said that everything they had there were just pick axes, shovels and that's it. Remember Malinovka? that's it... Then till 1953 she was there. (and she had no right to leave? ... ... ... Grigorij Aleksandrovich... Which Grigorij Aleksandrovich? Director? -Yes. Grigorij Aleksandrovich was our director. Do you remember his last name? Remember... - What was his last name? - What was his last name? Grigorij Aleksandrovich? I forgot, my dear daughter. Your mother forgot. I forgot... ... Where he was a director of? Yes, he was the most loved. Was he a good person? He didn't treat you ill? - No And what we could do? We would go to work and sing songs and going back from work we would sing again. We would come home and cry... That was our life with songs... Did you cry? - Yes, we would cry all the way... We would cry on the way there and back... We would cry everywhere... But we pulled through! We got through. Now we have everything. I have everything now, everything... I have everything. They built me a flat. They brought me here... I cry... I cry now... when they brought me here to my flat. Here... But you have lived here already for quite long... here in this flat... 15 years already... and we worked... we worked all nights, my dear daughter... through nights... worked... looking forward to go home... And now we live... we have everything... we have everything... Was it difficult? Yes, of course it was difficult. Everything was gone after the war... We would sing on our way... songs... And now we don't sing anymore... ... Nobody sings songs now... Do you remember what was it like after war? Do you remember? Yes, I remember... I remember war... She was home... that war... (do you sing for her?) - No... She starts crying... Do you remember Malinovka? Yes, I remember Malinovka...

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