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Immersion Overview

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[MUSIC PLAYING] >>HEATHER: Welcome to Immersion. Hi, I'm Heather. >>ANGIE: And I'm Angie. >>HEATHER: We're both graduates of IIN, and we also work at the school. We want to prepare you for an amazing six months for you and your business. >>ANGIE: We're excited to walk you through what to expect in Immersion and how to get started. Over the next six months, you're going to take steps to build your practice, attract ideal clients, become more profitable, and move forward in your professional and your personal life. Are you ready? >>HEATHER: We at IIN know what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Immersion is designed to pick up where the Health Coach Training Program left off, with teaching you coaching skills and helping you to create a career you love. We'll cover a variety of advanced business, marketing, and coaching topics, as well as tools to continue your personal and professional transformation. There isn't in any nutrition curriculum in Immersion because the skills we teach you enable you to coach your clients through anything. At the beginning of Immersion, you'll create a goal to work towards over the next six months. For example, will you sign on 20 new clients to your Platinum Program, have two full group programs, or maybe complete seven paid speaking gigs? It's up to you. This is a self-guided course, and the material you listen to and read is only as good as what you do with it. The curriculum is designed to support you in achieving the goals and milestones that you set. Only you know where you want to take your business. >>ANGIE: Every two weeks, a new module will open, and you'll get access to practical instruction, tools, and strategies to support you in growing your practice. Over the next six months, you're going to work towards the goals and milestones that you set. You'll use advanced marketing techniques to attract ideal clients, incorporate master coaching skills into your client sessions, create program tiers and service offerings to build income streams, and create systems to streamline and simplify your business. Some topics that you'll come across include structuring your time for maximum results, online marketing and branding, intuitive coaching, creating unique programs, money mindset, public speaking, and so much more. >>HEATHER: So what does it take to be successful in this program? Five things. First, schedule time in your calendar for the modules and your business. Each module has roughly two hours of audio and video content, and you'll want to plan for at least 5 to 10 hours each week for lectures, assignments, discussions, and personal research. Then schedule focus time to work on your business every day. 30 minutes of marketing activities each day can make a big difference. Second, find a peer coach to hold you accountable. Peer-to-peer learning is a crucial part of this program, so make sure you're getting and giving support. You'll learn most from the assignments and from your classmates. Third, open the weekly emails to stay up-to-date on important course information. Fourth, participate in online discussions on your class Facebook page or on the OEF. Connect with classmates and share information. And fifth, stick with it. Make a consistent effort to stay on track. And more importantly, when you get off track, get back on. >>ANGIE: To remain in the course and graduate from Immersion, you need to pass all three tests with a score of 70% or higher. And while this is a free course, it costs effort and time. So make this worth your while. You'll get out of it what you put into it. And we ask you to take Immersion at a time in your life when you're able and ready to put in the work. >>HEATHER: The IIN team and your classmates are so excited to support you over the next six months as you learn and grow your business. Until class starts at Module 1, connect with a peer coach, jump in your class Facebook page, go through the Jumpstart materials on the OEF, and set a clear intention for Immersion. We'll see you soon. Bye. >>ANGIE: Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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Jumpstart material for Immersion

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