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Flu attack

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So, let’s say that this guy has flu, could be any flu and here is a droplet from his sneeze containing if you move in and take a really close look, see each of those little purple things is a virus and there are a lot of viruses floating through the air, some of which go inevitably up this unfortunate man’s nose. How did that guy feel when you ripped off half of his face? It was interesting because we did it while he was sleeping I’m talking with medical illustrator, David Balinsky, who designed this video for Zirus Research Company. So, here comes the virus and it’s going to land on one of this guys throat cells. So notice that it is covered with little yellow nobby things that you call these keys right? Yeah! Those are the keys. This is a key, this is a key, this is a key ... Ok! If the keys on this virus happen to fit the locks, which are the little purply stick up things on the surface of the cell if there is a match, the cell, watch this it welcomes the virus in and what’s this?. This is the welcoming committee. They all interlock with each other and they pull this membrane down into the cell and down it goes deeper and deeper and that welcoming structure disperses and the virus capsule bursts and out comes the secret recipe for how to make more viruses, those little noodly things, so this unsuspecting cell has been tricked into guiding these virus recipes right into its own command centre, the nucleus. So in they go. And they are immediately recognized by this big pink molecule which is a mini factory. And what is it doing? It threads the nuclear material, the instruction code of the virus through one hole and out another hole comes a brand new instructions set. So, it’s a copy? Making copy after copy, after copy, after copy of the virus recipe which then go out of the nucleus to little chefs, those blue peanut things, they cook up proteins that go back into the nucleus where they are reassembled into baby viruses and then out they go, they get covered up and head to the surface, where they get new keys and then boom! Here they come, this is an eruption of virus after virus, after virus, after ... only one virus entered the cell but how many come out, well millions, millions... So, if one virus can produce a million babies and do it again and again and again, how come this guy doesn’t just drop dead after ten minutes. Well because you have about 100 trillion cells So a million viruses is just a drop in the bucket when you have 100 trillion cells Anyway, remember you do have your own immune system, which when it sees a virus, usually, kills it. So while the virus does multiple fast, with any luck, your immune system will work just a little faster. So yes, viruses, all viruses want to spread, that’s what they do but most of the time we keep them in check. Most of the time

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Posted by: mjosferreiro on May 12, 2011

Animation about how flu viruses enters our cless and reproduce inside it

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