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la vraie révolution

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The following program is from NET. The National Education Television Network. Is it possible to bring about a mutation in what is? And to go into that. To going into this question of bringing about that total revolution in what is One must have a extraordinary sense of [MISSED THE WORD] in order to be aware of what it means... To be aware of the trees Of the blue sky through the trees Of those hills beyond The speaker is Krishnamurti He is a man who can not be place in a simple category like philosopher or religious leader He is however one of the most challenging and creative man of our time Born in south of Indian in 1897 and educated in England, he has followed the singular and original path of thought, free of sectionalism and dogma. This is the first of our 8 programs and the first time Krishnamurti has allowed his talks and private conversation to be filmed. A principal settings of [MANY WORDS] in Ohio California And [???] School in Ohio Valley. Ideas exploring these series range from what Krishnamurti calls "The present crises in consciousness" to an examination of war, violence love, pleasure and pain, the aging of the body and death. THE TRUE REVOLUTION talks by Krishnamurti Program Number One WHERE ARE WE GOING? We were saying how very important it is to bring about, in the human mind the radical revolution The crises... and there is always crises in the world specially now it seems to me is a crisis in consciousness a crisis that can not, anymore accept the old norms the old patterns the ancient traditions a particular way of life there is the American way or the European way or Asiatic way and considering what the world is now with the the misery, conflict destructive brutality aggression tremendous advancement in technology... and so on it seems to me the old man has cultivated the external world and has more or less mastered it. innerly he still as he was [???] Animal in him. Still brutal, violent, aggressive, acquisitive, competitive, and he has built a society along these lines. What do you think is happening to the whole American people at all and the automation with electronic brands know what I mean.. the whole setup what is happening... and where are the going? do you understand what I mean? I think in an increase number of them are beginning to ask themselves [the questions to rather there will be maybe alternative forms of human behavior because they have... and what do they do? Because by then. After they are asking questions and all the rest they are all almost finished [???] and in Europe the phenomena there is the same as here.. or more or less.. the production is more [than in America ???] and in Germany of course. and Russia is now doing the same So. Take all these parts.. hum! put them together... China Japan... all of Asia... India in to it.. and then Europe, America China of course. Where is it all moving? What we are concerned ...with is... the understand of the whole process of life with all its complexity with its aggressions and miseries, with is sorrows and confusions and agonies. and to understand this vast field of life [???] in constant movement one must not only hear the words but also go beyond the words. Cause words, the explanations, are not the... facts but most of us, [???] words. and.. one must be free of the word [???] the idea, the conclusion

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Posted by: iz on Feb 27, 2009

Lors de son premier discours filmé en Californie, Jiddu Krishnamurti aborde les problèmes liés aux conflits, aux guerres, mais surtout à la paix. Il parle de révolution totale dans l'esprit humain, en allant au delà des mots et de leurs significations, expliquant que la crise est une crise de conscience.

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