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Let´s Colombia Tourist Activities in Colombia Colombia is a country to explore, rest, knowing their history, culture and traditions, love, health care and come to learn. The incredible biodiversity of nature, represented in 53 protected areas and a number of places of great beauty is, perhaps, the biggest attraction we have in the world. Touristic Places in Colombia Colombia is a modern nation with an infrastructure that takes advantage of its natural resources and human capital. With its privileged location on the continent, together in their natural regions of the tropics all environments: glaciers, beaches, plains. Boyacá is a sea of ​​fertile mountains of the Cordillera Oriental cultures decorated by multicolored independence witnessed the battles that shaped South America. Amazon: Refuge of nature and culture. The Colombian Amazon is an incredible destination for tourists looking to take extreme contact with nature and learn some of the most representative national cultures. Barranquilla: Colombia's Golden Gate. The main capital of the Caribbean Coast has become the door of joy, colored and open arms. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, its golden streets by the sun and sand, spontaneity and joy of the people of the Caribbean, the ideal destination to enjoy the serenity of its beautiful beaches and its rich culture, paving the way to the carnival. Antioquia and Medellin: Mountains of flowers and modern city. Antioquia is a land of hard working, always optimistic and persistent. It is characterized by having the nicest people and the most beautiful women of Colombia. Cartagena: Destination Colombian history and culture. Cartagena is a fantastic city that holds the secrets of history in its walls and balconies, in its buildings and its narrow stone paths. San Andres: The sea of ​​seven colors. It is a perfect destination to enjoy the beach, water sports, diving and ecotourism. House of the coffee culture: the departments of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda coffee make up the triangle, so called because in this region of Colombia grows the best coffee in the world. Infinite Variety: Colombia as a country of regions with different climates, altitudes, soils, fauna and biodiversity has a wealth of invaluable culinary. Each region has representative ingredients, cooking methods and signature dishes, so, speaking of Colombian cuisine involves talk about regional cuisines of the six major regions: Andean, Caribbean, Pacific, Orinoco, Amazon and Insular. Through the generosity of the soil, the variety of tropical fruit is as large as the Colombian territory and with them we can prepare fresh juices, desserts and candies.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 38 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: fer0824 on Oct 1, 2011

Este video muestra cómo es Colombia, un país lleno de muchos sitios turísticos y lugares interesantes.

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