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الداعية الدكتور عدنان ابراهيم يفضح ويكشف حقيقة مشايخ الفتنة فى هذا الزمان

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Islam has been almost abducted Our religion is abducted On the hands of some greybeards and tendencies and conceited people Our religion now is starting to raise a generation (Meaning a generation of extremists) I'm telling you, I'm frightened And I've said this more than once I no longer trust The Muslims who i see that seem good,merciful and friendly I ask good that they're better than i think and better than I nag But it seemed to me that they are good and friendly Because they are suppressed Because they are under the power of law Under the control of the governments But when the power of governments fades Just Like in Iraq, like in Syria today, just like it is anywhere Man, You see monsters People cutting heads, children being taught how to cut heads off While yelling "Allah hu akbar" Man, don't yell ''Allah hu akbar" You made people hate the religion of god (Praised and Exalted) Livers being eaten, Hearts being eaten and chewed And ''Allah hu akbar" Mashallah What happened a while ago made me sick What happened in Britain Unfortunately They chopped the soldier into pieces I didn't watch it, I couldn't stand it But i heard about it someone told me ''hasbuna allah wa na'am al wakeel'' , Man.. (God is enough, and yes, the agent) ''hasbuna allah wa na'am al wakeel'' And ''hasbuna allah'' In our sheikhs and sholars Whom spread, and still spreading hatred Making muslims hate each others Making Muslims hate the world As if our religions message is spreading hatred Those are cursed, those are crusaders Those are I don't know what Those are the enemies of god, Those infidels We're "mashallah" We are.... , we are... , we are.... We became haughty Despising the servants of god Despising the humanity We became the most disbelieving people in the boon of humanity It's like the most disbeliever in the gift of humanity is the Muslim of our day You live in their shade, whether in Britan, in Germany , or in hell In anywhere , you live in their shade You get safety , You get money You eat from their taxes money Then after that you call them 'infidels' And in the nearest chance I'll kill them , I'll slaughter them What kind of religion is this, man What kind of jurisprudence is this? There for I had to conclude a speech .... a blazing speech That i call ''the jurisprudence of the crime'' ''Jurisprudence of crime'' That's the jurisprudence of crime And if you pause at If you paused at how those people -who are presumed to be leaders- Inference this lost and confused youth That lost his humanity The youth lost his humanity in the name of what? In the name of religion Man what religion is this? The religion of Genghis Khan؟ The religion of Yassa ? Genghis Khan, Superb That's the book of Genghis Khan It's Genghis Khan ok so what? But the religion of Qur'an is merciful for the world Is the religion of Mohammad bin Abdullah , the most merciful servant of the god servants We forgot Mohammad and what did Mohammad do? Only learning stuff like "الضحوك القتال'' (Meaning they ignoring the Substrates of Islam and focusing on subsidiary things) Lunatic preachers I won't describe them with less than that I swear they're lunatics I swear , and i know more than them about the prophet of god I swear they're lunatics They get on the tribune and start spreading hate You see Muslims You greet them They don't greet you back, they don't answer you Who are you? They despise you That's probably cause you wear a suit Your beard isn't navel tall or... Weird thing man... What's up with those people? What's this madness that we're in? And just wait as i told you, for the power law to fade a bit anywhere on those Muslims And you'll see What's they'll do to each others The killing , the slaughtering , the liver and heart eaters and the crime And then ''allah hu akbar'' ''Allah hu akbar'' ''Allah hu akbar'' on you ''Allah hu akbar'' on you and on this jurisprudence and on this way O Allah we're sinless from these people And ask you To guide them to the right path And to guide them to the pass of the philanthropists, as they abused themselves and abused the religion They were abusive to the religion, and to us, and to Mohammad the prophet of god I swear they abused us alot They abused the religion of Mohammad We're thanks to god , living here in Europe Safe and secure , flooded with everything we need I swear to great god No being assaulted, not by the government and neither by the people "the infidels" and the infidel government "The cursed ones"

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الداعية الدكتور عدنان ابراهيم يفضح ويكشف حقيقة مشايخ الفتنة فى هذا الزمان

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