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Gateway to North America

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The Port of San Diego is a working waterfront. Twelve miles long - and its up to 2-miles wide this 22 square mile harbor is home to not one, but two marine terminals. San Diego's deepwater port has been a cargo gateway for generations. But the Port of San Diego is quite different from the mega-ports of the West Coast. Here in San Diego, we're not a big port. Not like Long Beach or Los Angeles. So we're going to be able to tailor things much more creatively to the types of customers we have. San Diego is a niche port, specializing is break bulk and roll-on, roll-off cargo - items that can't easily fit into a storage container. Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal Housed on 96 acres of land, the Tenth Avenue Terminal is home to the largest cold storage facility on the West Coast. 300,000 square feet of on-dock space is dedicated to frozen and refrigerated storage. We've got a great facility. We've got one of the largest cold storage facility in Southern California. We work our partner, Dole, to fit out this who area so they can work with it to move their bananas for the western United States right out of here in San Diego. If you have that kind of cargo, we're going to move it out of here really efficiently. Tenth Avenue has eight berths, with 4,600 linear feet of dock space and a maximum channel depth of 43 feet. The terminal features open and covered storage areas, a U.S. Customs facility and USDA inspection service. Tenth Avenue's bulk loader has a capacity of 2,000 tons per hour and is connected to a completely automated 31,000 metric ton silo complex, automated for the storage and handling of bulk products. My name is Bill Christ, I am the Chief Operating Officer for Eastern Car Liner. We're a Japanese-based steamship line that runs and operates break bulk and multi-purpose cargo ships. We've been calling the Port of San Diego for maybe, at least, 10 years. We looked at various ports on the West Coast and after evaluating them, the Port of San Diego was chosen as the best location for having available storage area for the windtower equipment, which is one of the key factors. The Port here has ample land and space, plus also the land-based equipment to handle these. Tenth Avenue's Mobil Harbor crane, with a capacity of 100 metric tons. is in constant use, offloading break-bulk cargo, windmill parts and mega-yachts. My name is Yoshi Saikawa; I'm with Mitsubishi Power Systems. I've been customer of Port of San Diego for about 5 years. We started off in Long Beach, as a matter of fact. But you know Long Beach is crowded; it's always expensive. So we decided to choose Port of San Diego. If people aren't getting the kind of service they need, in the middle of all that traffic in the bigger ports they can come to San Diego and we're going to work with them to make sure that we get their goods moved through in an efficient way, in a way that works for them. The U.S. Military also trusts their precious cargo to the Port of San Diego. San Diego is one of 17 strategic ports designated by the Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of transportation. Both marine cargo terminals facilities can accommodate loading, unloading, storage, retrofitting and repair of U.S. Military cargo and equipment. National City Marine Terminal with maximum channel depth of 35 feet, the 140-acre National City Marine Terminal is resourcefully designed for the import and export of cars, trucks and lumber. It continues to generate new business. We've had ports up and down the coast that we looked at and we chose San Diego. The primary reason that we chose San Diego was the strong workforce this year. The rail service out of year is very strong

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