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Saintony Jeudy,

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My name is Saintony Jeudy. Beside my work for the Haitian National Television, I am also the founder of a media organization that allows everyone who lives here in Haiti to get to know the diaspora and what's going on over there. Our organizationa also informs the diaspora about Haiti. Our website is: Moses Shumov: OK. What are the themes, what are the goals of your show? Our goals are: allow Haitians to be informed and know that the diaspora is part of Haiti. Haitians will not see their dreams for Haiti come true if the diaspora is excluded. Why? Because people living abroad are also Haitians. The diaspora is part of Haiti. Haiti will not move forward if counting only on its own resources spread over our 27,000 square meters because Haiti also has plenty of other sons and daugters spread all over planet earth. When they travel abroad, they gain experience. They also become more attached to Haiti. Even though they don't physically experience our problems in Haiti, but in their heart, they do. That's why we felt the need to do that. We did it for Haitians to be more connected to each other, to know the issues in Haiti, to know how to solve the problems and work together with Haitians living here. Moses Shumov: After the earthquake, how important were communication and the media for Haiti moving forward? As I told you before, during the conference, we have our association that has professionals from communication and culture to tap into sustainable development. So, Communication is a development tool. As we know, we do have development problems in Haiti. We do. What can do is fight back with communication. 1. We have to do diaspora integration. We have to show everyone, specially the young people, school aged people going to schools, as well as people who are not going, we have to show them how media is a good tool. Assist any media: Community media, big brand media, help all of them present Haiti in a positive way. 2. To help people learn from foreign experience. Today, television is a big tool. It help you transform what you have at home and export it to other countries. (through television you can show and expose because now we have satellite TV). 3. Television is a tool that allows you to see what's going on abroad without anybody telling you or without having to travel. You have already seen it. How can you use those tools? Make them work for you? We need to avoid letting foreign people tell our story for us, in their own way. We need to use media ourselves to tell our story. That's why we always tell everyone: Empower yourself with the medi and make it serve your cause. Put it to use for development. And I believe Haiti will come through.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 52 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: United States
Director: Moses Shumow, Executive Director
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Posted by: koze on Jun 30, 2010

Saintony Jeudy, journalist-reporter who works for Haitian National Television and is also founder and coordinator for Diaspolive (, a television and radio program in Port-Au-Prince that focuses on Diaspora integration, that connects with the Diaspora through media. During his June interview with Moses Shumow, Executive Director of, he talks about the importance of communication, specially in Haiti.

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