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Is it true pregnant women should not do Aum Kar? Sadhguru

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They should do. Why, who said they should not do? Seeker: I heard it somewhere No, they must do, I would say, because, you are not just giving a body to the child. In many ways, who you are is being imprinted upon the child. So how you keep yourself during your pregnancy is a very very important thing. These days, that care is not there. But traditionally in India, a pregnant woman was kept in such a protected atmosphere. You know, who should see her, and who should not see her also was decided by somebody who is little intuitive. Do you know this? Not anybody and everybody were allowed to see her. She should be seeing the most pleasant and the most beautiful always. So, they would fill the room with all kinds of God's pictures... and you know, they would keep her in the most pleasant atmosphere because, how pleasant she is in her mind and emotion through that state would greatly influence what kind of child she produces. Right now the human population is way beyond, what it should be on the planet. Unless we are producing something really worthwhile, It's not worth it. Really... Just to produce one more brat... you know really.. we have to look at this. Its not everybody's right. People think its their right to have children. Its not so. Because it is not just about you Isn't it ? Its not just about you Its about the whole world... how it is So.. of course an individual has to decide this. But, it would be wonderful if people chose more consciously whether they need to have children or not and if they need to have are they wiiling to dedicate their lives to that extent to bring up the child in a certain way. Simply, produce one and leave them here, there and try to do many things.. and you experience them as a real horror in your life, Whats the point? you know.. Isn't it? If we can really do something wonderful... If we can produce a wonderful next generation let's do it If it is not so, if it is not within our capabilities to do that, we better not attempt such things. You must utter AUM hmmmm Seeker : What is that? You must utter the AUM. It is important to do it. Its good to do it. No,No,No .. don't just generally make a statement. Every pranayam you can do.. There are many things a pregnant person should not do because it involves, certain level of you should not do.. see on the spiritual path we do certain processes which will disturb the fundamentals of the person because we want to destabilise the whole foundation and put up a totally new possibility. A pregnant woman should not attempt such things. Thats not the time to do those things. When you are not in such a condition, you can do but not when you are in such a condition. You asked about AUM. Now every pranayama is too much of a generalization.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about cautions performing yoga during pregnancy. Sadhguru discusses what is safe and views on pregnancy and having children. (TO28)

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