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Working in the Field I am 60 years old now I have been a farmer for almost half a century I remember the first time my parents asked me to join them farming was when I was 13 years old My dad said, “You should farm, learn how to work, do not be lazy” After I got married, I open up my own field with my husband I feel that farming has become more difficult and strenuous It feels like never-ending work. I want to help my husband every day in the field but I need to take care of our six children Back then I even had to bring my 4 months old baby to the field I needed to walk far to help my husband in the field It was sad to bring a baby to the field. But I also felt sorry for my husband if he worked alone in the field We grow one annual crop of paddy in our field If we have already used the field two years in a row we need to find new areas We need to open new areas or borrow someone else’s unplanted field It is difficult to open up new fields now We need to walk far, it takes hours Because the land nearby is planted with rubber trees We will plant rubber trees in our old field But rubber trees take so long before they are ready to be tapped It takes dozens of years to be ready A while ago, I spent a lot of time discussing with my husband whether we should open up a small or a big new field I have less energy than I used to I will open a small field ….appropriate for my age and fitness For the last two years I planted pepper in our old paddy field We do not need to move fields if we plant pepper if we use fertilizer, it can be harvested in the third year I hope when I am no longer able to farm the pepper harvest can support my old age

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