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Why should we hire you?

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- Mmm, impressive answer - Nice example. - Wow! They're really prepared. - Good point. - I wanna hire this person. - Why should I hire you? - Well, I believe I'd be a good fit for this position. and the energy as well as the work ethic necessary. I've been told by my supervisors, as well as the people who I've worked with, that I'm a type A personality. Uhm, my work motto, is, do things right the first time even if it takes extra effort or time. At Smith & Company, which is on my resume, I worked 4 eighty-hour work week in a row... ... because the client bumped up their dealine by two months. Since you have to do what you have to do. Uhm, I also liked what I read on your website about customer service being a focus for your company... ...and uh, it's very aligned with what I believe in,which is respect and honesty. And I will let a company know, or a client know, that I cannot help them if we can't. And it actually has led to some successes in the past where a company has come back to me 5 years later... ...and when they did need our services and they uh, closed a big deal with us... ...and it was like the company's second largest deal in the history of the company. So, I was pretty proud of that. Uhm, also. I believe I have the organizational aptitude that would be very attractive to your company. hm, out of college, I worked for this company, that was 15 years old, and they were about to declare bankruptcy. And through various systems, implementations and procedures, we avoided bankruptcy, and by thr second year, uh we┬┤re profitable. So, I belive that company is ranked third in uh, in the nation, as far as uh, market share for what they do. So, I'm happy about that too. Uh, overall, . with those qualities, as well as my degree in Management.. ...I believe that would make me a very solid uh, candicate for this position. - Mmm, impressive answer. - Nice example. - Wow! They're really prepared. - Good point. - I wanna hire this person.

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Posted by: karter on Feb 6, 2011

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