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First Sunday (2008)

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We came here to get a loan. And I'm gettin' a massage. I want you to whisper your name in my ear. Mordecai. Aaaaaah!!!!! (narrator) Every time these two best friends try to make a buck... What is this, man, Pimp my Wheelchair? (narrator)...they ended up, busted. [police sirens] I ain't goin' ta jail. Aaaaah!! I decided to forego any possibility of a jail sentence, under the condition that you perform community service. (LeeJohn)Love my community. (Durrell same time) No problem with that. 5000 hours! 5000 hours?! (narrator)...but when their lives go from bad to worse... I'm thinking about moving to Atlanta. You ain't takin' my son nowhere. Listen, the lease is up on the shop. Unless you got $17,000, I gotta go. (narrator) will take more than faith... Whoa hoa! Let the church say amen. (narrator) answer their prayers. ♪ let the good times roll... This is like Club Jesus! They even got an open bar. Y'all got cheese whiz? We raised, $230,000 dollars. Say Amen. We're not robbin' no church! When Durell Jr. is in Atlanta, calling someone else Daddy, don't be mad at me. [gunfire, screams] Get down, somebody's got a gun. We didn't come here to hurt nobody. All we want is da money. This ain't even my church. I just saw this on MySpace. Open up that safe. It's gone. The money we came to steal - somebody stole it. Who would steal money from a church? [silence] (narrator) This January,... I need to know where this money is, right now. She needs some rest. What she needs is to lose a few pounds. I'm just sayin', that would help, if people gotta catch her. (narrator)...crime doesn't pray. [knocking on door] Franklin, your gonna be the lady of the house. Hello officer, upstanding gentlemen of the law. What can I do for y'all? Don't be in here to late. OK Then. All right. Did it look like he was winkin' at us? He's the choir director. Just tryin' to give him somethin' I never had. A felony record? A father. (narrator) Katt Williams, The community is affecting us. I'm not infected. I have papers to prove I'm not infected. (narrator) Tracy Morgan, He keep looking at me. Who? White Jesus. What kinda name is LeeJohn anyway. My mother had two boyfriends, Lee and John. She didn't know who my real father was, so she named me LeeJohn. I don't think I would've told that. [Captions by]

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