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"Manomaniam Rudrakant Lakshmi Memorial" Academic Excellence Award for best student among PhD, "Can you guess who?" Goes to V. Judu Ilavarasu [Crowd Cheers] [Receiving Award] My beloved and respected teachers Respected dignitaries on the dais And my "Dear Brothers & Sisters" It is indeed a moment of joy and privilege For me to represent our students and share my experiences "5 Years of being a residential PhD student" I regard this environment not only for its academic excellence, But also for its "Spiritual Ambiance!" Each institution has its uniqueness and here its the 'Blend of academic excellence and spiritual environment' I strongly feel that, "If a student miss this spiritual component, staying here for a longer time, he has missed the most vital part of this institute" As my PhD course progressed I realized that, It is that inner stability which is of greater importance If this "Inner Integrity" is taken care of I feel, "Academic excellence just follows as a mere by-product". Not only academic excellence but any pursuit will flourish. Can we throw ourselves into 'Sadhana' and make ourselves available at the dispersal of others need. This was a greatest inspiration imbibe from this university. They say, If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith If a child lives with approval, "He learns to like himself." SVYASA has given us that inner security and approval so that we can grow in our faith and have deeper stabdha in us. Which according to Swami Vivekananda, "Its first towards, step towards GOD"

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