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Well, hi there, world of Youtube! This is a video response to SassiBoB's 50 Random Things Also, if you don't know who SassiBoB is, you can check out right here Click it! I ain't gonna show you 50 random things, ain't nobody got time for that! So I'm just gonna show you a few things I found in my room And let's get started! So let me be like you, SassiBoB This is a freaking hat! Yeah! I like it. This is my 'I am the boss!' sign cuz clearly, I am the boss This is a tie. I like ties. A lot. Now this is a thingy that I like to call a headband. And it's made of...thingies... I don't know words in English I'm not even American! Those are a bunch of cars I used to play with when I was little The windows, or this front one, is broken because my best friend and I liked to break them to put little insects in the cars and pretend they were driving... Is this animal abuse...? Those are spiked bracelets and they're fucking cool Fuck yeah! This is another bracelet that I never wear. It has skulls on it because skulls are fucking cool. Do you know how many times I've said 'fucking' in this video? I should probably stop. This is a bag. Skulls on it. Again. This is a little hand-held, whatever you call it, game. This is Tamagotchi! And I used to play with it when I was little but it was a pain in the ass. Those are two balls that bounce, whatever you call them in English and I got them during some freaking music festival when my friend and I were pretending, we were just playing around, we were arguing in the street and two guys walked past us and they thought it was for real so they gave us those balls and they were like "stop arguing, okay? we'll give you these balls" This is another ball that bounces and I got this from Finland. It's very colourful. Do you know this break-thing on Cartoon Network? There's this, what is this animal called? I don't even know. That's like trying to catch this super fast bird? I've got this animal. This is a tiny little lizard! ... who has lost his leg... This is a heart with 3 dots. Everyone always asks me what those mean but... not gonna tell you! Then I've got those cool suspenders, I think they were called suspenders? This a radio. And I mean a legit radio. But it's broken. But you used to turn it on and then search for a radio station that wouldn't be all hhdishgidgis, you know. You'd search for it and then it would play it. ...usually you'd never find such a radio station. This is a water gun. Those are tiny handcuffs. Probably sounds really freaky... And this is a water fun game. I loved this game, I loved it as a little kid. And yeah, I think that's about it, SassiBoB. I like this name! Freaking SassiBoB. I'm fucking SassiBoB I'm so weird! Anyway guys, I dare you NOT to subscribe and NOT to like this video. Or share it. Unless you're a badass. Cuz that's what all the cool badasses are doing. Subscribing and shit, you know. All the 118 badasses have done it already. So what are you waiting for? Bye! I'm a fucking badass, freaking badass, fuck yeah. What am I doing with my life, does anyone know?

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Country: Estonia
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Posted by: ayrenvids on Jun 2, 2013


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