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How to measure your blood pressure-SD

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Your care team wants you to monitor your blood pressure at home and this video will provide you with a simple guide to what you need to do. Remember that you should try to take your blood pressure at roughly the same time everyday. Firstly, you need to get ready, wear a top that has loose sleeves which can be easily rolled up to expose your upper arm. You don't want the sleeve to be too tight when it's rolled up or it could effect the readings. Sit in a comfortable chair that supports your back, make sure your feet are flat on the floor and don't cross your legs. If you can try and rest your arm on a table or the arm of the chair so that it is at the level of your heart. You need to sit quietly for five minutes before beginning, so it's worth asking other people in your house not to disturb you If your blood pressure monitor is attached to a Telehealth System Your results will be automatically processed for you However your care team may have asked you to record your results in a diary so you will also need your diary and a pen. take the blood pressure monitor out of it's case and if you're using a Telehealth System, ensure that it is switched on. Roll up your sleeve and stretch your arm out straight with your palm facing up, put the blood pressure cuff over your bare arm with the bottom of the cuff one inch above your elbow Make sure that the arrow and the tubing are pointing to the middle of the elbow crease. Don't pull the cuff too tight you should just be able to pass two finger tips underneath the cuff and check that the cuff is not tighter at the bottom or the top Once you're comfortable, press the start button on the blood pressure monitor with your other hand Don't talk or move, you will feel the cuff tighten and then start to deflate, 3 numbers will appear on the screen The top two are your blood pressure and the bottom one is your pulse If you're keeping a written diary, make note of the date, time and these numbers. Alternatively, your readings will be sent to your Telehealth System automatically

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How to measure your blood pressure-SD

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