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Alright everyone my name is taylor. Today I am going to be talking to you about how to convert a pdf file to an interactive platform. I am using a Lenovo Thinkpad. I have my pdf file already loaded that I used earlier in the year. My interactive notebook file is pulled up also. What I like to do with my student is be able to write on the file When I have it on the smartnotebook I am able to have multiple pages and flip between them. So I am going to be using the Snipping tool that is already on my computer. I am going to the search toolbar in the bottom left hand corner of the screen Search snipping tool. It pops up as a small tool bar here in the right corner. I am going to start with question 1 here. I am going to click "new" It comes up with a "t" shape cursor here. And so I am going to drag the cursor and everything outlined in read is what I am snipping So the entire question 1 is snipped. I am going to click control c Go to the tool bar to your doc. Right click and paste and here is question 1. Now, this is interactive for my students. We can color code but also go to a new page. So lets go back to the pdf. Now I want to show you the different modes we have. We have free form, rectangular, window and full screen. I am going to use free form. You are going to draw a line around what you want. Lets say I dont want this. That goes away when I click new. Click on mode and I want rectangular snip again. We are going to solve part a. We click control c- come to smartnotebook file. Right click and paste. Here is my problem. Again it is now interactive for my students to use and they can solve. Let's go to a new page. I only want this piece of the problem. Control c and I messed up so I need to start over. I finally got my directions in there. There we go. Finally got my directions. So we copy paste. Once it is in your file you have the ability to manipulate it and resize how you need it to be. I can move that over to the left. Resize and I could potentially fit two problems on one screen. I want the diagram and part a. So I paste it beside the other We can slide it over and now you have the model and the question so they aren't flipping back and forth. Hopefully this gave you insight on how to get your pdf information into an interactive file. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for watching.

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Posted by: thardy17 on Jun 17, 2019

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