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Meet Matt (e) (with subs) - Linda Hallberg Makeup Tutorials

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Hi guys! This is Linda Hallberg Today I will teach you how to do this look I will do this look with two different shades of lipstick, Lighter lips for those who prefer a nicer look and then I will do these lips for a bolder, vamp look Okey, Let's go! The first step in this makeup is to use a primer as usual, and I will use Too Faced's Shadow Insurance My nails are too long at the moment so I will apply this with a brush Otherwise I apply it with my fingers So, for today I thought I would do a matte Makeup So I will use this palette from The Balm called Meet Matt(e) Nude And it consists of lots of different nude colors So today I will do a warmer makeup and I will use these different shades, I am going for a 70's feeling to it and I think it will look great So let's do this! I will use make up stores brush number 105 It's an old one and I am not sure if they still sell them at the store But it is a very thin, eyeliner... er, no. not eyeliner A thin eyeshadow brush I always add the colors in the wrong order, since I always begin with the darkest one and I know that some of you don't Do exactly as you which, I add the darkest one first because I think the colors pop even more if you begin with this one So this is how groegours I look every time I begin applying eyeshadow It doesn't look that great in the beginning But it Will look great when I'm done So whatever you do, don't give up! Just because you think you look ridiculous at the time Now I have used the color called Matt Wood and now I will move on to the one called Matt rosen And add this one inside the first color On eyelids where you might see some fine lines or a touch of age and you don't look as when you were 15 years old.. Matte makeups is actually the best, or how to put it, what looks best on aging eyelids, since matte colors covers irregularities And now I move on to the color called Matt Lombardi This one and add it in my inner corners The color is kind of banana meets vanilla, or something I do think that everyone should try to do some smokey makeups by using matte colors It seems extremely dull since they might appear boring and plain, but but a makeup is often so much .. It will appear to be more catchy since everyone else uses shimmer Then it will actually be really great to NOT use shimmer and people will think 'oh, that makeup looks great but I can't figure out what it is' Aha, it's matte! Everyone should one a matte eyeshadow palette or at least some matte eyeshadows Now I will use a shadow called Matt Singh, this one It's more of a pink, or salmon colored eyeshadow which I will use to blend into the darker eyeshadow in my crease and the same goes for my other eye okey, now I am finished using that color Now I will use a pencil underneath my eyes, I think I thought I would use a primer but then I changed my mind and now I want to use a kohl pencil So I will see if I can find a nice pencil for this I have a little box of pencils here which I normally chose from and I always put them away with the wrong tip upwards which makes it so difficult to see which colors I have! Ah! Here is one which I think will look great with this makeup It's called Chocolate Cheesecake and it's from Makeup Store I will use it underneath my eyes I will blend it a bit as well, so that it doesn't look like a thick line Okey, Now I will continue to use the eyeshadows which I just used and apply them beneath my eyes To make sure that my kohl pencil really sticks- it's good to apply some eyeshadow on top of it Because then you use the colors to fix it and make it last Since I don't want it to move around in the evening, or during the day or whenever you use it And then I will use the banana-colored eyeshadow In the inner corners of my mind and mix it in my inner corners Okey, now I will apply my eyeliner and I will use one my Makeup Store called Cake Eyeliner Black I will use Mac's Prep and Prime as liquid to be able to use the cake eyeliner I will just spray it here Then mix similar to when you blend watercolors the easiest way to decide the angle of your wing is to check the angle or shape of your eye, and paint your wing upwards Now my eyeliner is finished and I will now put on some mascara! I will start by curling my lashes and then apply L'Oreals False Lash Wings Waterproof I do believe that waterproof is a must, Both during summer and during the winter Since I have very straight lashes naturally, which tends to give in and straighten out after just 30 seconds, then waterproof mascara does the trick since it doesn't contain any water which causes my lashes to stay curly, basically all day Which is great. Okey, so, now I think I will add just a few fake lashes to get more volume to the lashes I already have I have a pair here which I think is from Adele, I think they're called 116, But I am not sure since I am terrible at saving the actual packaging Usually, I just add all of my lashes in a jar and leave them there since I think that the package is too large and takes too much space So, now I apply these, which I think are from Adele, called 116 Could be something else, I have no idea I wait for a few seconds before I apply my lashes I think that Linus has stolen all of my tweezers, so the only one I am left with is this one It's ridiculously tiny! you can't do anything with it, it's too tiny But I will have to do my best I actually happen to loose ALL of my tweezers, and I think that Linus is responsible, Or I shouldn't blame him These pair of tweezers is just awful And now I have glue everywhere.. I do believe that it is crucial to have good tweezers when applying lashes, This one really sucked I don't even know where I got it It might have arrived in another package of something As you can see, I know have glue everywhere No worries though, It will go away I do have other tutorials on how to apply lashes, Watch them rather than this! Okey, this was probably the longest time it ever took for me to apply lashes, geez So annoying! Anyway! I will apply some more eyeshadow below my eyes, Since I feel that I need to open up my eyes a bit further here as well Now I will try to decide on which color I will use on my lips I haven't really figured that out yet Dark lips, or lighter lips Or I will show you both lighter and darker lips? Yes. So will be it. I think I will begin with lighter lips I love Nude, and since I happen to think it is really nice I will use MAC's mineralized rich looks natural This is well used, as you can see very, very well used So I will see if I can find anything to apply it with Ah, my little tweezers! So, I will use a teeny, tiny tweezer and now I will try to apply this This is a very nice nude color for those of you who happen to have light or pale complexion If your complexion is darker, this might not be a suitable color You always have to chose your Nude colored lipstick based on your skin tone If your skin tone differs in the summer, compared to during the winter, you will probably not be able to have the same color on your lipstick I think this color is really nice, perhaps I should have used one with a hint of pink Ah, my lips are so dry. I don't know what has happened To top it all of, I have one pimple right here, and one here - at the middle of my cupid's bow, which hurts like hell so I can barely add lipstick at least not without screaming out of pain This is the lighter lipstick, which makes the look very fresh and summery A typical midsummers look, I would definitely rock this look for midsummer Let's go with the dark lipstick I really adore a dark, gorgeous, musty lipstick with this kind of look I think it looks so great I feel finished with my look, oh whoops, check this out. Thankfully, I have nothing on my clothes This is the complete look and I really hope that you enjoyed this video and that you like this clip and don't forget to subscribe to Bangerbeauty and I will see you all next week Until then, take care! Bye!

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Meet Matt (e) (with subs) - Linda Hallberg Makeup Tutorials

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