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Y! Mail Reply to Message with Jaws/IE

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♪ [Bumper music] (Todd) This screencast will demonstrate how to replay to an email using the new Yahoo! Mail, and a screen reader. For this demo, I'm using Internet Explorer 9, with JAWS 12. So I'm reading this email from my friend, Joe, and I'm going to press the "3" key to navigate to the body of the email message. [JAWS] Message body heading level 3. (Todd) And I'm just going to press the "down arrow" key to read the body of the message. [JAWS] Hey are you coming to the party this weekend let me know (Todd) Okay, so, I'm going to let Joe know that I'm going to come to his party. So the easiest way for me to reply would be to use Yahoo! Mail's "Quick Reply" feature. And I can reply to this message, simply by pressing the "e" key, which is a keyboard shortcut in JAWS to navigate to the next edit box in the screen. And there's basically a reply box immediately following the message body, allows me to quickly type and send a reply to Joe. So I'm going to press "e", [JAWS] Reply to colon edit contains text [JAWS] Enter [JAWS] Reply to Joe Smith edit [JAWS] Type on text (Todd) Now I'm going to type my reply in the reply box. [JAWS] ...i space o e period space space period e a s space... [JAWS trying to pronounce each letter, but typing is too fast] [JAWS] ... s space e space r y period s e space [JAWS] space e e n period. (Todd) So I've entered my reply, now I'm going to press the "tab" key and move focus to the "send" button. [click] [JAWS] Tab send reply button to activate press space bar (Todd) And I'm simply going to press enter now to send this reply to Joe. [JAWS] Enter. [JAWS] Joe Smith party this weekend thirteen twenty three. [click] (Todd) And so now my reply is sent. In addition to the "Quick Reply" functionality, it's also possible to reply to email messages using keyboard shortcuts provided by Yahoo! Mail. There are 2 keyboard shortcuts for repying: You can reply by simply pressing the "r" key and that will reply just to the sender, or do a "reply all" by pressing the "a" key. Remember, because the virtual cursor is on by default when you're reading a message in Yahoo! Mail, you need to bypass the virtual cursor in order to press these keyboard shortcuts. So I have a message here that I'm reading, that I want to "reply all" to, so first I'm going to read this message... [JAWS] Hey guys was wondering if you're coming to the party at my place this weekend [JAWS] blank Let me know (Todd) Okay, so I want to reply to this person, letting them know I *am* coming to this party, so I'm going to press "insert" "3" to bypass JAWS virtual cursor... [JAWS] Enter key to pass through (Todd) Now I'm going to press the "a" key to "reply all". [click] [JAWS] Message body edit type in text (Todd) After hitting the "a" key, focus is dropped into the body of the response, and so I'm just going to type my reply, and hit "Ctrl" "Enter" to send it. [JAWS] y e p period space s e y space double e d period [JAWS attempts to pronounce each letter depending on typing speed] [JAWS] Control enter application mode on sending dot dot dot email sent ♪ [Bumper music]

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