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RSA SecurID Sales Strategy

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Identity is a hot market. RSA protects more identities than any other company in the world. The RSA SecurID Access Solution has evolved and innovated over time to address the current challenges in the market. The portfolio offers are well-known hardware and software tokens as well as our newer mobile-enabled, multi-factor authentication options such as push notification, fingerprint verification or one-time passcode. There's a lot of money for you to make by selling RSA SecurID Access suite of solutions because many organizations are revisiting their secure access strategy to align with their changing needs to provide convenient yet secure access for all users. In this session, I will clarify RSA’s focus in the identity protection space for this year, discuss market trends and security challenges and introduce how RSA helps customers address these challenges. A focus this year is to look at the RSA SecurID Access install base and see how they expanded RSA security access portfolio can support customers with their current challenges. There is also a fantastic opportunity to get Net-new Logos with the innovative RSA SecurID Access solution as there is greater demand than ever for strong authentication solutions. Let's quickly recap the top market drivers and concerns our customers are facing today in the identity space. Keep in mind that RSA SecurID Access customers are typically considered to be security sensitive. They use strong two-factor authentication such as hardware and software tokens for a subset of users and understand the need for enhanced security. In recent years, though, a trend of “good enough” has emerged. Organizations or departments that are driven by compliance or internal policies need something quick and easy. They are happy with what they consider as a more convenient authentication like push-to-approve even if not as strong as the RSA Security Token. Looking at market trends, the first market driver is the journey to the cloud. Organizations adopt new SaaS applications to enhance their productivity as well as move their own infrastructure or platforms to the cloud in order to cut the cost of ownership. While these are great drivers of effectiveness, they also pose security concerns because there is less control over authentication and access policies to these SaaS applications. In most cases, passwords are used as a single factor which is a big concern. Last year, 81% of cyberattacks involve compromised passwords. They're vulnerable to phishing, keylogging, breaches and reuse. In addition, when companies move their infrastructure to AWS or Azure, they need to protect the admins’ privileged access to the cloud infrastructure by applying strong authentication policies. Generally speaking, the ability to integrate with all applications, cloud and on premises and apply unified authentication policies is one of the biggest challenges organizations are facing. The second driver is Bring Your Own Device or B.Y.O.D. Employees and contractors are now accessing applications and data with their personal devices that may or may not be managed. That information needs to be taken into account in authentication policies as well. The third market driver is the end user expectation of convenience. Mobile users are expecting consumer type usability. They want to be able to use their mobile device to authenticate quickly and seamlessly. End user convenience has become a key driver for buying decisions. RSA SecurID Access is positioned to support both the security sensitive and the “good enough” types for consumers or users by providing multiple options for user authentication that are simple and convenient. Keep in mind, it is critical to talk to the right people in the organization such as the IT directors, security managers, chief information security officers or CISOs and line of business. Here are some questions to ask your RSA SecurID Access admin and IT manager contacts to get to the right people. Ask them, “Who runs the Cloud initiative in the organization?” And also ask them, “Who is driving the Authentication strategy across organization?” When you get to the right people, start a conversation about their challenges moving to the cloud and mobile. “What are users expecting?” “What is the line of business asking for?” Understand their overall identity access management program concerns. Identify how we can help them with expanding their use of RSA SecurID Access to protect their journey to the cloud and securely embrace mobile. So, how does RSA support cloud, B.Y.O.D. and usability challenges? Well, RSA takes a transformational approach to multi-factor authentication ensuring users have convenient secure access from any device. They have access to the applications they need from anywhere whether their applications are in the cloud or on premises. With an ecosystem of partner integrations, RSA SecurID Access provides the ability to connect to hundreds of applications to cover all access to use cases. RSA SecurID Access also ensures the appropriate level of authentication based on identity assurance which is the confidence that the user is who they say they are. This is achieved by combining identity insights, business context and threat intelligence. Security teams can leverage the identity assurance to create policies that support security needs with a variety of modern authentication options. We encourage you to leverage the new sales plays and marketing materials developed to support the strategy. We're excited to support you in renewing, expanding and acquiring new business. Good luck.

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RSA SecurID Sales Strategy

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