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How To Convert VHS Tapes To DVD

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Shhh...this is my favorite movie. I've had it since i was a kid. ♪♪ (static)♪♪(staic), crap. Well, guys. In this video, I'm going to show you how to convert VHS (sigh) to DVD. bye baby. To do this project, you are going to need a VCR, a TV or video capture card and a computer. Some TV capture cards are USB. If you have one of those, just plug it into your USB port. Otherwise you will need to install it in your computer. They are pretty cheap to come by. You can find some for about $15-$20 online. Once you have it installed on your computer, just using a regular co-axial cable, connect the VCR to the TV capture card. Then once you have done that, turn your computer on and use the software that came with the video capture card to play what is on the VCR. Put your tape in and play it as you normally would. Then start the record or capture process using the software. When you are through, just hit stop and you can close out of the program. Then the next thing you want to do is download a free program called DVD Flick Just do a Google search for that and you will find that it is on DVD and then you can just download the program from their main website. Then once you have downloaded it, go ahead and install it and let the program start up. Then you want to click "Add Title" on the right hand side. Select the video that you just captured using your TV card. You can add a menu if you would like. If you do not want to add a menu and just have it automatically play, go straight to project settings and you can change the video to PAL if you are not in the United States or NSTC if you are. Then go down to the "Burning" option and choose "Create ISO image" and then put a name for it. Then if you want to go ahead and burn it to a DVD, just check that box and put a DVD in your drive. Then click "Accept" and click "Create DVD" at the top and it is going to start creating the DVD for you. If you do not have any video capture software, if it didn't come with your TV card, you can download some free programs. One of them is called "Media Portal", if you do a Google search for that. The other one is called "GB PVR". So you can download either one of those if you don't have your own video capture software. Alright, well that is it for this tutorial. For more, go to

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Posted by: tinkernut on Jan 20, 2009

This video shows you the resources to use for converting your VHS tapes to DVD.

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