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Show and Hide Form Sections

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RH: From a usability ... AD (laughs): Take seven. [Both laugh] RH: With some forms it is really handy to be able to only show the parts of the form that are relevant to the needs of the user at a particular time; these can sometimes change, for example do you want insure your house or your boat. This can be really important for people cognitive disabilities. But, sometimes in the past when showing and hiding bits of forms, it presented problems with screen readers. Now Andrew, we've got an example where it works well for screen readers. Is that right? AD: Yes, correct. [READER: "Heading 1, show hide display none, begin form. Ice cream options. Ice cream options, fieldset. Radio button not checked cone, cone. Radio button not checked tub, tub. Which flavour do you prefer? Vanilla. Combo box which flavour do you .. AD: Now I will make a choice. [READER: "Tub, radio button not checked tub, checked. One heading. Tub. Whch flavour do you prefer? Vanilla, combo box which flavour do you prefer? AD: So in that case nothing changed but if I go back and select 'cone'... [READER: "Radio button checked tub. Cone, radio - checked. One heading. Cone. Radio button unchecked tub. What size cone do you prefer? Single, combo box what size cone do you prefer? Browse off. Double, jumbo..."] AD: If you don't mind [READER: "Which flavour do you prefer? Vanilla combo box, strawberry, chocolate"] RH: OK, so in this case here ... AD: When I selected cone it brought up the extra information and when I selected tub it didn't. And, that's again very nice from everyone's point of view. As you mentioned, for people with cognitive difficulties having to do more reading, it cuts that out and for people with screen readers its very nice not to have to read a whole lot of stuff that isn't relevant. RH: Again, does it work with both Jaws and Window ... AD: Yes, yes, it works exactly the same. RH: So very useful. FADE OUT

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Duration: 2 minutes and 9 seconds
Country: Australia
Language: English
Producer: Roger Hudson, Andrew Downie, Russ Weakley and Chris Bentley
Director: Roger Hudson
Views: 1,240
Posted by: webusability on Sep 4, 2008

Andrew Downie demonstrates a show-hide technique for forms that works with screen readers. For more informaton see the article "Accessible Forms using WCAG 2.0"

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