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Peter Joseph's lecture 'Where are we Now?'

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The title of the presentation is "Where are we now?" In my experience so far in attempting to promote the ideas of the Movement and the Venus Project I find about 95 percent of the critics tend to ignore the current state of affairs and in a detached manner they simply criticize the abstracts of what our proposed resolutions are without ever reflecting on the train of thought that was employed to reach those solutions. So in response to this I decided to simply focus on information which will, at a minimum at least further compound the diary to get away from our current social practices while also showing the logic that the Venus Project employs to arrive at the conclusions and ideas that they do. We're not just making things up, Jacque Fresco didn't just creatively come up with ideas. He has a pivotal train of thought and it has a near empirical basis. So, first there's going to be an overview of the Movement, the tenets of the Venus Project. And then, in Part 1 we're going to elaborate even more so on the nature of our world monetary system and it's consequences. While in Part 2 we will take a larger step back and consider the 'human condition' ,it's cultivation and the effects of the social system at large. Now, before I begin, please note that it was recommended in the e-mail sent out that people read the orientation guide or (see) the activist video. Because, basically I'm going to move very quickly through a lot of this information on the assumption that a lot of you are already familiar with some of it. If you're not, don't be surprised if some things come as extremely foreign. This lecture is actually part of two lectures, The second lecture we will be giving some time in the future. To deal with the other section, as you'll see with the first part of the idea which is the fact (that) our social system is corrupt and the second section is what the solutions are. We're not gonna talk about solutions specifically right now. We're gonna talk about the reasoning behind it. The term 'Zeitgeist' is defined as the intellectual, moral, cultural climate of an era. The term movement, simply implies motion or change. Therefore the Zeitgeist Movement is thus an organization that urges change in the dominant intellectual, moral, cultural climate of the time. Specifically to values and practices which would better serve the well-being of the whole of humanity. Regardless of race, religion, creed or any other form of contrived social status. The Zeitgeist Movement in function exists as a community of representation of an organization called 'The Venus Project'. Which is essentially a conceptual and technological set of ideas which constitutes the lifelong work of industrial designer and social engineer Jacque Fresco. Mr. Fresco along with his associate Roxanne Meadows has been working for decades to establish the technical methods and educational imperatives which can transition society away from it's current cycles of war, perpetual poverty and pervasive corruption into an improve social design based on environmental alignment, practicality, peak efficiency and most critically a heightened standard of living, personal freedom and well-being for not just one nation or class

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Peter Joseph's Lecture 'Where are we Now?' transcribed in English and subtitled in Dutch.

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