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LEAKED ILLUMICORP NWO Initiate Welcome Video

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) Origin of this video parody is Actor Arthur Roberts This is automatic transcription if you wish to transcribe this video please contact [email protected] first Hello initiates and welcome to modul one of the Illumicorp training video course I would like to officially welcome you as a member of the team. You've joined organization at perhaps the most exciting point in all long history. Our founder shared pationate dream to transform this country and eventually the whole world to one cohesive organization. When Illumicorp finishes centralized control over the resources of the planet and we will we can then organize, distribute and govern to the benefit of all after competition and decents are eliminated we will build utopia for the people of the world to share based on need and rejoice together in a harmonious New world. This presentation is destined to enlight you about organizations goals and achievements. As your guide I will help to answer some basic questions might have about Illumicorp and familiarise you with the valuable role you will play in helping us reach our prime objective so please take a tour with me as we march together to exciting new world. _ _ All people are aware of class To them, society is made up of the rich, the middle and the poor. the one thing that all three classes don't understand is that the pyramid continues upward there is detached hidden capstone made up of an elite board directors who own and manage Illumicorp Three classes below in essence becomes the assets and resources of the Illumicorp Illumicorp is divided into various administrative branches The each branch with same five levels at their hierarchy We will begin at the bottom In the Initiate category as such your role will be to make sure that you orders are carried out to the subcorporations and institutions controled by Illumicorp You will be placed in plain sight at the head of the company or institution of the public sector to carry out the plans delivered from above Remember, your role is very important You'll be the face of Illumicorp to the outside world you are a connection to the masses below never speak publicly about your orders or you masters _ Now let's look at Illumicorp six administrative branches and their functions you'll be placed at to possition of power in one of following sectors in this way as you are guided and monitored from above you will decide strategy and introduce programs to further our goals _ but that is the secret to Illumicorps success control the head and you control the body This is potecially Illumicorp's most effective intrument of global control Thrue international banking we manipulate the face of all countries We have introduced many institutions such as the IMF or WTO that work in our favor to impoverish disobedient nations always remember debth is a powerful weapon against countries that don't share Illumicorps vision perhaps our greatest achievements in banking is the federal reserve system is a collection of international banks owned by Illumicorp members and financiers It was created to form centralised banking system through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 An act that was pushed through by some of our most esteemed members. Many of you would still assume that govermnet itself still prints and issues the currency. That is not the case When America needs money they go to our vaults and ask for it The money is printed but it only representative of a loan Interest on that dollar assures it is paid back to the Fed In fact federal taxes paid by the American population Go almoust entirely to pay off this debt So you see, Illuminacorp derives healthy amount its operation funding directly from the debt of the public needless to say that this is one of the most crucial sources of funding and one of our proudest achievements here in Illuminacorp Through mergers and acquisitions we have solely and silently bought up the majority of US industry Illuminacorp and its members own most of the oil, transport, banking, media communications industries in America and abroad Through fewer and fewer conglomerates we're able to effect with great precision the labor and the government Ultimetly corporations will replace government as a centralized international body that can meet the need of the public worldwide without the chaos created by the national self-interest When Illuminacorp goes public, corporativism will be the foundation of the world goverment. Conglomerates will merge into one cohesive organization, but is responsible only to Illuminacorp and the needs of its global employment force. Illuminacorp control of the american military is another impresive tool in our possesion we have nursed these institutions lavishly to service as prototype for our global police force When ready, our technology and manpower will dominate those whou will oppose the coming New World Order. . By utilizing the american patriotism we have fostered emergence of the philosophy of peace through supperior force. When the time is right. realizing that things haven't was reasonable doubt must protect bald people superior force reviews the american military industrial complex to build the are still necessary to instigate the final plans outlines a little strange primary target islamic nations will never submitted west sections are damaged they also hold much information will reserve the planet's alarmist own that precious resource as it is crucial maintaining domination over the country's world through working as an example its name development forms of water unleashed judge the public at the national we're in the process of in the west religion in the uh... we'll be able to create routes floods hurricanes incident no fingerprints attached villages system from there has been under direct control over for sometime it was actually relatively easy access as the navy's united politicians know unspoken agreement into an existing don't want to party system benefits that uses will issue isn't online like today literally delusions i cited his son eazy-e_ schwerner syringes portables due to a diminishing faith in the system of the public locals designed to rule candidate program provided forest dispossessed this just versus the images dissension among those who did not feel represented by scandals a database of potential dissidents

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Posted by: on Mar 2, 2011

If the Illuminati were to make an initiation video, it may look a little like this. This is deliciously chilling, but hauntingly accurate.

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