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Learning by Doing

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♫♪♫♪♫ Voy a construir un sistema educativo del que los niños realmente quieran formar parte cada día. La gente será más feliz. El mundo será más seguro porque todos seremos capaces de entendernos mejor. La economía del mundo funcionará mejor porque los empleados entenderán realmente como hacer bien sus trabajos. Did you were a good student? I was an ok student I was the kind of student to... I was frustrated at school and actually I'm pretty smart and I was never the best. Or even closed to the best. And seems the school is a contest Everybody tries to be the number one and be the best. And I realized than in order to be. the number one and be the best I will have to work very hard. And I'm lazy. I don't wanna work very hard. And how was the experience so now you are criticising the system? Well, I thought was a school frustrating. Because I didn't really enjoyed. I know that was a terrible experience. Very bad happened to me. I think my reactions about education how much less to do on my own education. And they have to do the first of as a professor of thirty five years. Students don't seem to come to school to learn. They come to get a certificate. They want a brand in their name. My real frustration comes from my children because as a professor who's specialty was learning, is what I know about. Is there something positive about our educational system like grouping children by their age or their knowledge? The science education is about socialization which is what many people think it is. Appears this value in putting them in the same age in the same room. In fact, it's a terrible thing Most children come out tortured. They will tell you how people are being mean to them. Little girls especially, to have ways of tortured each other in school. So, when the kid goes to school I saw that's with my daughter. When kids goes to school, all they are thinking about is who is being nice and who is not nice to them, and what they are upset by and what clicks performing and how they use clicks against you. A lot of going school socialized it's absurd! In real life thirty children of the same ages are never together. No me acuerdo de lo que cené ayer. Pero, según Roger Schank es normal. Se ve que memorizar las cosas no es tan natural como hacerlas. Él lo llama "Aprender haciendo". Roger, what's learning by doing? Reality is that we are learning is by trying things, and practicing them again, and practicing them again,... Then, memorization doesn't work... Well, memorization works if you sing a song. But, early on we have children memorizing the alphabet song. So, that works. This is how we are teaching the alphabet. Memorization works for multiplication tables, and now I'm finished. What's "Engines for Education"? Engines for education is a non-profit company that I created whose intention is to change the educational system of the world. By simply building new alternatives and having a be online. The reason is in online is that way anyone, anywhere in the world contact this kind of education. as an alternative to existing high schools. High schools for all these stupids subjects like mathematics, history, geography literature, economics, physics, and... They are all ridiculous. There's no reason any of them. So instead, what I have is experiences that I built. So we finishes finish building when the health sciences and that means, if you have to health sciences don't take care other ways. If you have to become a doctor, or a nurse or a practise, or an EMT, or you like to do something with health science. You just have to learn it for yourself. What do you think about homeschooling? I think homeschooling is a really good idea in principal, and hasn't work very well. It's a very instinct movement, I mean you have over a million homeschool's children in US. People who simply said: School is such a terrible thing. And I'm not sending my kids to school. So I'm a teach at my home, I'm with them in to that point. But then when they teach in a home, they want to teach in the same correct that they learned in school. Because they don't know what else to do, because they also went to school. And they also think that is important to learn physics, chemistry and mathematics. I think you are not very popular between your colleagues. No, I'm not. So, what? You know, the thing is more professors agree with me that you think. Many, many professors agree with me. They won't talk out. That's the difference. Cuando estudiava tenía problemas con la tabla de multiplicar del ocho. Ocho por ocho... sesenta y... ¿cuatro? ¿Y esto me hará feliz? What do you think about learning by Internet? The Internet is potentially the saviour of the world in education. Because, you could do the right thing, you could have the right kind of school by the Internet. Suddenly anybody can go to that school. We don't have to physically move. So, from educational point of view it's a terrific thing. The bad news is that it hasn't been used So the Internet right now is really useful. I think as a newspaper. Do you think it's useful for kids, or for adults too? I think that the Internet hasn't been done properly for kids and won't be until people like me start building the right thing. Because what you have now or commercial industry is building things for kids. They have cartoons characters for kids. It's very important. Is like moving television over to the Internet So the kids can watch it. The real value of the Internet it's to provide the opportunity to do something on the internet that you couldn't do even at home. So, it's no so easy to travel around the world and see things at home. But it is if you create that for the child. So Google Earth it's cute but it's not an educational device. It can be turn into it, but unfortunately the question that Google will have to ask is what will make money on it? And, I don't know that answer. I think in the end, the education opportunities with children will make money. But, business tend not to really understand the future in important ways. Maybe Google should talk to you? In conclusion, do you have any advice for parents? Yes, I have some very important advices for parents. Don't let the schools or other children raise your children. You are the most important teacher that your child would ever have. You have to do the teaching, because the schools aren't gonna do it. And you have to understand what to teach. Thank you Roger for the interview. Oh, it was fun.

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Roger Shank es un teórico sobre la nueva educación.

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