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Subtraction Word Problems Lesson

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Hey this is Hannah Vaughn! and I am going to be teaching you how to do subtraction word problems I've actually already taught this lesson I taught this in a kindergarten classroom and this is the standard that I used it is from Cpalms it is to solve one step addition and subtraction word problems and add and subtract within 10 using objects, drawings or pictures So what I did was first I went to find some type of things that I could use I went onto and I found all these awesome worksheets well they're worksheet type things but they are super cute Like this was during easter time and so I found these ones they're about bunnies and easter eggs and flowers and so it was super cute on the bottom of these things they actually already had manipulatives to use like they had these little easter eggs to cut out or this one with the bunnies had bunnies that you could cut out and so that was super fun for the kids because they already had their manipulatives to use and they just put them in the picture and could just add that way or subtract that way so the way that I started my lesson was I gave them all white boards and I started my lesson by just doing a simple subtraction problem just to see how they did because they hadn't been doing subtraction that long and they did awesome with it so we just moved right on to the word problems I just started with just giving them the key words that they needed to use so like with this one there are 8 bunnies sitting in the field 3 of them hop away how many bunnies are left? and so I wanted them to be able to tell the difference between addition and subtraction word problems so I told them to look for words like how many are left? instead of like in this one right here it says Fred the Bunny had 4 eggs he found 3 more. How many eggs did Fred the Bunny have in all? and so to have in all I wanted them to know that's addition and you're going to be adding with that one and they really got that concept very fast and they were able to do these just amazingly but some really cool manipulatives that I thought you could use if you didn't find anything like this was since it was near Easter time I printed out some Easter eggs or you could have just went and bought some Easter eggs it's just that right now I can't because it's not Easter time but just some Easter eggs or some flowers and that way they can count because subtractions a little bit difficult for Kindergarten students but that way they can you know they can count and know exactly what they are doing and that makes it a lot easier but if you didn't have that another one you could use are these that we got in class in our boxes just counters to help them be able to add and subtract a lot easier but like I said these worksheets this is a different worksheet and it's just so much fun because they have the tens frame down here and they have a place where you can draw a picture they have a number line up there and so this makes it super easy for them to be able to do it and they don't have to do all of it and I told them that you can just pick one thing and just right the answer there but two common misconceptions that they have when they're doing this is obviously learning which one is addition and subtraction because that can be kind of hard for them to understand and so a lot of times they'll add when they're supposed to subtract and just things like that another misconception is that a lot of times they get the numbers confused and they start trying to like subtract them and they're like oh I can't subtract that because that doesn't subtract and so that's another common misconception that I saw them do but the way that I taught this to them was I just took I had all the worksheets printed out for them but I took one of the worksheets myself and I started like they started reading it out with me and so I wanted them to umm to do it first I did it for them I read it out and I put it on my whiteboard I wrote down like in this one the 8 and 3 I read it out for them and told them what they important numbers were what the important words were and then I did it for them the next one I had them do with me I had them read it out with me as best they could and then I had them write down the important numbers that they thought were important and then we all came back together and completed it together and saw if they got it right or wrong and then the last time we did this because I had three different worksheets that they could do I let them do it all by themselves and we all just came back together to see if they got it right or not and I tried to pick the ones with the easiest words because they are in kindergarten and they're just starting to learn how to read if they had trouble with any of the words I just helped them with it but they really got it great so one of the tips that I would for any lesson is pre-test them on it because my students already were great at this and so if I would have pre-tested them I would have seen that but after we did that we actually went into center time and I had a bunch of Easter centers for them to do there was one with a bucket of paper carrots and it had numbers on them for them to subtract and then worksheets that go along with the carrots and so they had a lot of fun doing all of this stuff especially since it was Easter time having it like centered around Easter was super fun for them but thank you for watching how to do subtraction word problems!

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