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Acceptable Use Policy_Video

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♪♪♪ ♪♫♪♫♪♫ Hi there STUDENTS! Your school is giving you Google and WiFi I know…super cool, right? You can finally get on the internet with your phone without using your data plan… AND you have Gmail, Google Drive and a ton of cool Google Apps! Before you get started with your new accounts, there are a few things you need to understand: This isn’t your [email protected] or [email protected] email… your Google account is a SCHOOL account. This means that you have to be responsible, nice and professional and ONLY use it for school stuff. Keep in mind that your school accounts are MONITORED. This means that the school gets notified when your account is used in ways that it shouldn’t be. We can see everything that you do with your school google account and what is being accessed with your school Wi-Fi account. So, just always act like your mom and dad, big sister or brother, or whoever keeps you out of trouble is watching when you are using this account and you should be OK! DON’T SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION WITH ANYONE! Because YOU are the one who will get in trouble if someone is using your G-mail to bully, or using your Wi-Fi to access naughty internet sites. We will also shut down your Wi-Fi account if we see it is being used by multiple devices. SO DON’T SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION! Our goal is to keep you safe online and there are lots of things that we do to ensure your online safety: The district network has a filtering system in place to block or filter inappropriate content. Only students and employees are allowed to use the district network. This helps keep the creepy crawlies on the internet OUT of our network and also ensures that we all get a fast and reliable internet connection that isn’t bogged down by outside users. The district monitors all activity on the network. this includes anything you do on school internet and/or on school computers and mobile devices. You (and everyone else who uses the CVUHSD network) must read and agree to the CVUHSD Acceptable Use Policy in order to use any district technology accounts or internet access. Read it over and pay special attention to the Unacceptable Uses of the Network so you know how to keep yourself out of trouble. Note that whenever you are using a school computer or internet access, you are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy. Even if you are using your own computer or mobile device and just using school Wi-Fi… or if you have a school computer and you are using it at home… you still have to follow the Acceptable Use Policy. Also, you have to sign the Acceptable Use Policy EVERY YEAR if you want to keep using school computers, accounts and internet access. Using the CVUHSD Network (Wi-Fi, computers, accounts and programs) is a PRIVILEGE and if you abuse it then you will lose it. So, always remember to be a GOOD DIGITAL CITIZEN be respectful with your technology, especially in class. Many teachers ask you to use your phones for school work YIPPEE!! But remember to tuck your phone away during class when it is not allowed or not needed, and, don’t use the Internet to do things that are mean, illegal, or that you or someone else might regret (think twice before you post that picture!!) Now go out and ENJOY your free Wi-Fi and spiffy Google account! See you on the internet!!! ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪

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Posted by: arambulaa on Aug 12, 2015


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