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Reading & Spelling teacher training section 5.3

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We are going to say it to spell human , -hu-man,

Now if your are a native English speaker

and you are wondering about this,just follow along I think you are going to find something kind of open up for you

So let´s go ahead, say to spell –hu-man How many syllables? Two

the first syllable is –hu, -h , -u , the second syllable is –man, -m,-a, -n Go ahead and write it

And as you said it sound it out

and then let´s help me to write it

First syllable is –hu, -h, -u

Second syllable is –man, -m, -a, -n And what did they –u say here? It´s that is long sound so open a line, all right? Well say to spell again; -hu, -man But what do we usually say? Human Now in English, this is a place where we can begin to use morphology Because the accent its syllable is –hu and this is actually –schwa sound which we´ll discuss later about Just for your help right now schwa sound an unaccented vowel sound So what you´ll notice here though, is that man and human are related in meaning and we can draw for our students how they are related in meaning and that´s why the spelling is preserved to that way You might also be interesting to now that in a word like humanity I can write It for you here that your clearly Here this –a sound in humanity So we can find the derivative humanity and this vowel sound here is clearly articulated as an -a So this is part of the morphophonemic in nature English Where in number eight, would be woman I know that women from work, woman We are going to say to spell Yes you guessed it; -wo, -man That´s some kind of funny, I think So let´s say to spell –wo,-men and two syllabus

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section 5.3

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