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Adolf Hitler, World, I come back AfterLife/Death 3

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Adolf Hitler Interview 3 This is Adolf Hitler continuing. So I was in my bed, having 'the covers around' me But a fascinating thing occurred again, when I looked inside me. I might have had a fright for a moment, but I was not scared. I had no fear. When I 'realized this', I looked inside me and I, experienced this white- light blue resonating 'essence' from within me, and I looked, at everywhere and it was just, a white resonating 'Life essence' All the colors of course of pink and, and purple, orange and green, and it was 'it was beautiful' and that's the same that I saw everywhere else, but not in people. and I realized that, this- 'I am', inside me, is not able to get hurt. It's not fearful It's always "safe", it's always "protected", nothing! can hurt me I realized, at seven! years old, I realized that. Physically, maybe, yes But! in terms of 'who I am', impossible. So I stood up again. after running in- running to my bed. and I walked down, again my mother, shocked! and asked me you know, of course: What happened? and I said: No. it's nothing. it's ok. and then I started observing 'my mother', I started looking more 'intently' into her eyes like the way I looked at her previously, when I saw that darkness, moving inside her. In that 'look' It is as though, I have the ability to see, straight through the being, right into the center of the being, right into the 'core' of the being. When I looked again, I saw that 'Life essence', in me, in her 'but suppressed', locked in 'way at the back'. at the back 'somewhere', and in front, was this darkness, that 'consumed' her entire physical body. and I wondered: What does this mean? what is this? I don't understand. I looked again, I continuously looked at her, looked in her eyes, 'trying to find', the source! of this darkness. I couldn't. until, one day. a few days after that. I had angered my mother. I was staring before her, And I looked up- I looked up at her, and this 'beast' came up, from inside her from within her solar plexus, it started rising, the more she got angry I she's- started rising, and rising, and rising! and rising! until it was 'standing' inside my mother, 'as my mother', consuming her, taking her over completely. his eyes was right here (eye point), that, 'red resonating essence' I saw inside the blackness, previously, became it's eyes. Yellow, and red, 'staring' at me, coming up and my mother's face, even 'completely became distorted! It- it's as thought it sort of started melting away, and for a moment, I could only see, this 'creature', this monster, standing over me but I am hearing my mother's words, I am hearing my mother's voice but that! which is rising up inside her, from the anger, 'that is not my mother' and I said an interesting thing, I said: you! are not my mother, you who speak to me, I see you! Now of course my mother was not aware of what I was saying, my mother was not aware of what I was seeing and she just became more angry and the more angry she became, the more that 'demon' 'creature' inside her, stood up at that time I didn't know, they were referred to as 'demons' I could only, refer to them as monsters and creatures so that's why I would- will referred to them for now. when it comes to the demons part, I would refer to them as demons from there. and, the reason why I angry-ed her is, she said that she loved me. she said: I love you. (no) but When I 'looked' in her eyes, when she spoke the words: I love you. 'it was empty' It was meaningless. It's as though, she has spoken the words, just to say the word. Because she had to say the word because she is a mother, she has a son and she has to say 'I love you' It was dark! the words 'I love you'. It was 'actually' filled with 'sadness' It was actually filled with 'hatred', and anger! I! love you as though I've been, a cause in her Life because of an effect, of a broken marriage. 'ruining' her Life of being young, of remaining young, having to becoming old, taking responsibility, for a child, that was not expected. and after so much pain, and remorse, of trying to have children I was 'sickly' as well, very sickly, I was very illness at that time. but when my mother spoke those words, I told her: You don't love me. you don't know what love is. how can you know what love is? When you speak from such darkness, and from such emptiness, from nothingness inside you Love means nothing to you and that's when she got angry, and that's when "that creature" came in and I realized that! It is that 'creature', that was saying the word: I love you. Abusing, the exceptional, nature, of the expression 'of words' This is Adolf Hitler, I'll continue in my part four section. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Siener van Rensburg, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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