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Questions and Answer with Peter Joseph There is a audience here. - You suck! [unidentifiable talks and Laughs] Totalitarian communist! [laughs] Ok! [Indistiguished talk] ok! Peter, we have a question here. Magnus Young asks us... " I watched the movie zeitgeist and I think the idea is very interesting... but I cannot see its approach put into practice so how can we build an inicial city? how can we achieve emancipation? and sover...sovereignty ? sovereingnty of a territory? which resource would be used to build the first city? ...... .... ... .... .... .... I...this system will not be created by monetary means, because the very nature of using money and all the inhibiting factors that go along with using money would never allow something with this efficency to come out. and if it did, would be some many billions of hundreds of billions of dollars even for just a a small little region, because the scarcity in the system magnifies the value so much that you have to go straight to resources. where the resources are. how to manage them, how to extract them how to make sure that what you're doing is sustainable so, it wouldnt happen in a monetary system to answer that part of the question, as far as the initial city is important to remind that the initial city concept were for Jacques Fresco is not a mutiple living. They won't live in this city because... it would be, it would be... invariably..the barbarians would be at the gates... if you know...and just as with the social system that's been exeperimented within the past always met with high degree of diversity from other social systems specially in a world of globalization, today everyone wants to take out every leader who wants to make something social for the people not every, but the west. The dominat powers so you remember that in Zeitgeist addedum with john Perkins the economist that makes a very exclusive case about that the transition and other things I've spoken of here ...uh....have to come after basicaly a period of where the system fails and people were willing to work on a different level it wont trasition fluidly out of the monetary system I just..I just...I don't see how it could.. it would be too expensive... it would be fought left and would be fought left and right anyway... but the process generally speaking as I stated earlier, for another question, was; your have to build the awareness and then you have to show the world how you can technically change things through some type of test or modeling or.. like a tridimentional blue print system and that's why the think tank that we've talked about would be very effective because people would be able to see how their origin could be adapted to a high efficiency logically sustainable technicalogical advanced society where you can go into Salvador and show the people, show the government that this exist, how to up date the system now, they are not gonna be able to afford to do it which is why we have to get out of the system of money use but at least they would know that it is possible and they would know... as soon as you are able to know what the resources are, remember the living capacity of the earth because we don't have that information publicly available because this is is all as proprietary knowledge of the corporations and they don't want to be out there because that would give people insight into the value of the resources and they want to manipulate that, mostly in avarage, to keep that artificial so......into the caring capacity of the earth where everything is then, we build the ground up approach to apply the technology to the areas to make them efficient to support the populations once that's understood, then we know the cost factor, that I garantee it would be astronomical based on the way the system is run today 'cause anyone is trying to use cost efficiency, so I can go to a lot different tangents let me make sure I didnt miss anything, the emancipation of sovereignty of a territory, that's a good question! why would they need the government wanna give up the nature in sovereignty of their little productive land to protect and that would come from a bio social pressure, Im sure, because they are gonna realize that they are gonna heve to use resources they are gonna have to find collaborations with other countries that have other resources that they don't have. Which they already do with globalization you know, is still in competitive. It's not sharing. It's so funny how the system uses competition to try and create a sharing model, you know, that's exactly what it is because anyone knows we have to share the planet's resources one way or another but the system uses the opposite concept of sharing. It's about competing, taking and taking advantage and yet some how it is supposed to work out it is so amazingly contradictory yes... so, I think I've answered all his questions -Here, Tarcisio Cardoso asks us; We are in phase of promoting the ideas of the movement when we began the...of production in other words when people will actually stop promoting the tzm and create products and services that will actually help people when will we stop promoting and actually start to create and produce ? uh, because it is a global idea... really, it would have to be when the world have some common conection and realization of the concept as dramatic and complex as that seems and you know, we could have industries attempt to produce certain things within the monetary system but it could only go so know.. the question seems to have a slight degree of misunderstanding because, we are probably not the ones that will be producing per se it is when the system is generating that it will allow that type of efficiency to emerge on a global scale and it is such a gigantic thing to talk about, to think about, but I'd say that's... in certain ... in certain aspects... there could be pockets of efficiency that emerge through subsidization which I hope will be the next step when governments...when things get really bad and they stop using money and they start going direct to the resources, meaning they start subsidize the corporation extensively for the sake of accomplishing goals they simply will not gonna be able to accomplish through the project of the free market that will be the first step towards this type of system when someone decidies to build, you know sustainable infra structure not because of cost efficiency or not restricted to cost efficency but just to do it knowing that they have to and that the sustainability of the society depends on it. I see that as a steppingstone of a possibility. Do you know what I mean? It's so bad when they realize that have to just do what is right as I would say the most efficient things that we know, most efficient use of resources and design that we know at the time not being inhibited by cost efficiency. If that step occours that would be the first thing that would be the first thing. But, when that will happen? It is probably... the failure of the system will have to continue. As long as people still respect to the free market and free market anarchy and this idea of anyone can do anything if they have enough money as long as this respect our way to lead we have a long way to go. Realisticly. But fortunately, it's been realized that the system has its flaws and I've seen more upheaval across the world now, more comments been made against the system that I've ever seen in my life time and when I look back historically, I had never seen this historically either even in the earlies like Bolshevists and Marx stuff and they really didnt have ..????...with the system because of the greed issues and the everything else they really didnt look at it from a causal stand point of the levels of destruction and self implosion that it is seen it is an unanswerable question, but all this things I've mentioned have to happen before hand, you know? it's...again...I keep repeating myself everyone's to know there's no other way to answer it. It's just a step by step process of realization which will be coupled with the sense of collapse with the pressure and then hopefully people will begging to approach things scientifically as opposed monetarely as opposed to use just money and what money would allow and then, that would be the first steps . - ok! Another member..uh... asks here.. uh..what do your think of the media cover of the death of Osama Bin Laden and don't you think that media should "questionate" more the absence of evidence of this death? oh, far as the media cover itself we released on a global level. A press release. - Yeah, I remember. and that was just to condemn a sort of celebration of the death of some man as though first of all the death means anything out side of some catharsis revenge, and second of all the very concept of celebration of someone's death, specially by the state which, states has always been like a parental figure you know, when the state does something people tend to identify with that naturally, So when the state can do this type of things, it really gives people a sense of vengence or a distorted sense, or the need for a vendetta. That's sick. That's super sick. but as far as the element of the question... about the absence, well, yeah, I'd say there's nothing more idiotic than this concept that they buried him at the sea because of slamic law first of all where's the slamic law that they burry anyone at the sea? I have never heard of theat in my life they have to burry with extra number of hours, so they buried'em at the sea first of all it is not really burying. They put'em down way of the ocean. But I am amused there's a diver that is actually looking for him. I heard about that. -Really? yes, Im really hoping that he succeds to find nothing which I'm sure he will. Of course, then they will just say: "well he didnt look in the right place!", you know, most likely he won't find anything I dont know, I mean, it is so difficult. You can speculate all day long but I think it is pretty obvious that they're hiding something. If they really caught him, if they really did this, they wouldnt through him in the ocean. They'd have his head his head on a spike and they'd walk through New York City That's how sick the government really is and they use of this need for revenge and vendetta because it helps them promote the wars and division and everything else that underlies another war in terrorism and eventually leads to emperialism and ...?????? of acquisition and all the things we know so well. but the whole thing is deeply suspicious, obviously. -Ok! Another question... from Robson Coutinho. He asks here: "He watched your lecture and when you mention sociopathology as a tendency to get into a "plutocracy" Right...Or plutonomy, right. -Don't you think it is time that we demand a major change in society before since the average citizen no longer consider the economic status?" Obviously yes. I think that the base of we are all doing is abviously demanding a major changing so, it is sort of evidently surprise that they would have asked that That's all the entire movement is really about, but as far as the issue of plutocracy or plutonomy just to... there's so much money moving in the upper roll 10, 1% of the US economy that on paper it looks like the economy is doing well. and this is why most financial interests, and this is publicized by citibanks in their internal memos which is why we noticed it. and because there's so much money moving on the top, so on paper it looks good. So the average citizen as he alludes to, she alludes to has become obsolete. and I think we see that anyway.No one is doing something to help the poor. in fact, they have been more opressed than ever. eventually, as the system tends to fail the austerity measures, the refinancing things will occur, will always go to the poor basically means they are economically irrelevant anyway. the austerity measures are oppressing the poor and they will always assume they can't tax the rich because XXXX industry and unemployment and that's the non sense that's been carried over with the reduced taxation for the rich and extensive taxation for the middle classes. At least in the US. It might be different for another countries It might be different for another countries Obviously, we will all try to combat that as much as we can. I'm amused, frankly, by the fact that you know, most of the GDP now, is actually driven by a very small percentage of people moving money around and these are the same people that make money of the stock market that rises the inflation ...That's an inflationary market, you know what I mean? the more money that is produced, that's why I got XXX quantity easing program and all the money that they have dumped into the economy and why stock market have continued to rise up until a certain point. that's where the money goes. goes in the bank, in the market and xxx the rich that..what.. that's what people should expect from that. Beacuse it is abviously failed nothing really works, so... -OK. -Another simple question here: Do you... what do you think about permaculture? -Do you know what permaculture is? -permaculture. when they grow only one thing in a particular region, right? -I really don't know exactly what permaculture is. -The general idea is that you cultivate basic crops in more...a kind of resembling organic symbiosis oh, I'm sorry, I am confusing the term with monoculture ...permaculture...permaculture... I've never actually study the specifics about permaculture, but you know, you're referencing... obviously, based in the way you just described it as far as it's been approached to organicaly, it is obviously a good thing. anything that...It doesn't take a name or a particular type of approach to realize the very nature of everything should be clean and organic and be grown with the highest consideration of nutrient development because of the GMO's and all the things that is put into the system you end up with this kind of nutritionless like tomato and ... you know...the agricultural development through industry is nothing but the worst thing... limited the nutrients and the development is in other words it keeps more and more ...(styful?) regarding the quality of its goods so I can't really respond to that directly but I would say that, honestly, in the future I think that hydroponics and aeroponics which I think it fall into the category It's just a particular type. It doesn't have to be based on soil, right? Actually, if I'm not mistaken it is based on soil soil, right! kind of organize plants in a natural way where they're in groups so the pest don't get to them because they stay clustered in certain groups Ok, so now I remember it is using natural processes which is actually an organic farm using a simple but profound system in a state where it is using cows and chickens, farming in a very beautiful simbiosys, where everything is used without waste of products and they feed and everything else in a perfect simbiotic system A system's approach to all forms of agriculture development rarher is farming, animal production, food production... really!Why would you want to do anything different? so, thats what I would say in respect to that. - ok, next question is... "- Tell me about your next movie Zeitgeis Beyond The Pale." [sighs] [Sighs] I was hesitating to decribe that... is still in development but what I would say is that this concept was actually before Moving Forward. Before I came up with that this kind of more simplistic way of check making this a very simple sort of vignette kind of narrative where specific subjects are broad up in a very isolated way because there are many chapters in the movie and there will take singular points I probably will talk about economy and materialism and then industry and then politics and then government which I separated from politics and there will be a series of vignette like that coupled with adramatic narrative there will be a live action with a hero character there will be a new hero character that undergos through the process of the film a realization that essencially, without being explicit about it, gravitates this character towards the needs to join, basically, the movement and to promotes sustainable ideas and to work to try to ... the current system for the better and what I realized as I mentined before is that I can fit this perfectly as in time before the climaxing the Zeitgeis moving Forward where everybody is dumping the money out so the concept is, this development is, excuse me the person has actually become part of the crowd. tha's actually the final scene. that I should give it way, I might change it. but when she realizes it, it all comes together, and then she finds herself in the middle of this protest crowd she has her money and that will probably be something to affect the climax scene but it will probably change quite dramaticaly through times I probably will change it completely. I probably shouldnt have said that much but there will be a series of target work... that will be a simpler work there won't be an interview based piece either I'll go back to the kind of driving musical style gestural style I had in the first film there's a very strong musical approach intended to meant that too in the first it wasnt that explicit but in a way it will be abstract too I think that the reason why the first film is still popular to the general audience, then the other ones, apart from the kind of controversy and all the stuff of chanllenges there's a narative that really hold on to they always say to me; " Oh, I started seing the first one I coudn't stop!" but they don't say that about Moving Forward, you know, they say; "well I watched the first chapter and then I got to the second one later" because that's long and it is more a tradicional documentary so I'm trying to harness that power of musical gesture ...and that sort of phrasing that I almost did it ... captured in the fir first film. I'm wanting that back and it will be a lot shorter it will be like an hour and a half, liberally shorter really hard hitting, and it goes straight down the line very little filler, if you will very straight forward - ok, of of the last questions here; uh.. "- Do you think theres any relationship between... anarchism and Zeitgeist Movement?" ... NO. No, because...well, it depends on the way you define anarchy anarchism. Anarchism? - yes. But uh...Anarchy is an idea that assumes that everyone... lets imagine that all of us would believe in anarchy all of us in this room and and we went to...we went to... let me see an exemple... we went into a factory of some sort. None of us has any idea of how to operate anything. None of us has been educated to use any of these machinary of...i dont know... say it is a hydroponic farm and none of us knows this specific subject, but since we all believe in anarchy at this fundamental level, we just decide to hit all the buttons down to see what happens and that obviously wouldnt work because the concept of anarchy means disorder, again, this is hugely semantic, I've had many arguments with people who think this is anarchy and anarchy is redifined by almost everyone I read typically is a general disrespect for order or any type of influence, or any type of governance and the idea the we could all just completely be free and everything goes and somehow it will all work out I really think that, frankly, free market is a form of anarchy and it is in a bad way ...another forms of anarchy, 'cause if you look the definitions of anarchy there are so many and there are so many subtexts of anarchy, it is ridiculous and I don't really take any of them into account because it doesnt really explain anything so I would say explicitly no, for that basic reason. The Zeitgeist Movement... What it is advocated in a Resource Based Economy is really a larger form of ordering but ordering based on what we understand scientificaly in fact, in a sense, the processes become more rigid but that doesn't have anything to do with us it has to do simple with how the system was oriented to provide for us we are so indoctrinated to be fearfull of anyone imposing on us because with think they are gonna control us and it has to go and tha fear is really what the anarchy notion comes out. It is really against system control like government as it's tradicionally known and not how we produces and not how economics true economics meaning how you orient the household or how you orient the plant resources how you navegate and how you allocate resources all these things become self evident IF your goal is trully be sustainable and provide for the human population. If it ISN'T your goal then it would be a different approach and people can be jingoistic and everyone would have a different view. That's what we do. we're a competitive society. Not based on any type of help to people from another contries it is all restricted, it is tribalistic. so,to sumarize that I would say that Anarchy as a poetic concept is a lot of fun to think about, it opens the door for a lot of new information. So I always have a lot of fun discussing things with people who consider this anarchy, 'couse they do have an open mindness but until we all share the common ground as I mentioned earlier and see the need for a obvious scientific orientation in our hability to create produce and distribute we are lost and none of this things would comprise anarchy. They couldn't. There's a natural order that has to be utilized in respect to it. you know. It sounds so difficult because everyone when they hear that they automatically assume that's an imposition that's a dictatorship, which is why I state in the film "nature is a dictatorship. You can either listen to it an align or you can suffer the consequences." 'Cause, you know I can assume I can fly and jump out off this building but nature is not gonna treat me very well with that assumption, no matter how much I walk through it the analogy is that I'm walking against the corrent you can sit there and push against some strong corrent like a Tsunami or you might as well pick up your surf board and go along with it, because you really can't fight any of this so... but it is really a political stand point, but Im not political it is really an enviromental respect and aligning ourselves with the natural law and that's intrinsicaly the opposite of anarchy. - Ok! Thank you! Sure! Thank YOU! well, there's a question that I was going to ask you, it doesnt have to be on video, but maybe it would be interesting. Ok, sure. - ...To record it also. Yeah, we're already talking so.. let me see if I can manage this.... yes, ok uh... there's a kind of uh... project the we're trying to get of the groud in Porto Alegre which is start talking to uh... non governmental organizations - NGO's and I don't know, enviromental institutions, i don't know I was to mention Green Peace, but smaller ones Sure, sure. Approach them and say; Hi, we're from the Zeitgeist movement maybe you haven't heard from us maybe we can talk and start working together, someway, somehow because we know the relevance of those organizations to keep the world working right now but we also need to go fo the broader view which is what the movement brings I just wanted to know what you think of it and have you heard if someone is doing that already in some other part of the world in some other chapter maybe? I've heard suggestions -sure. To aprroach NGO's and other activist groups, as well Obviously, why would we put that down, you know? but just remember, as you pointed out, there's a larger context that needs to be respected here. That's why Im really excited about the XXXX concept and working with these other non profit's that deal with helping people resorces

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