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Buirski - Make - Important documentary interview techniques

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I guess two things. One is be very prepared. Really know your story, because you might list some questions but if you're listening carefully, and that's the second part of the advice is to listen carefully, but if you're listening there are going to be things that are going to pop up in their answers that are going to suggest other questions but if you are not really informed and really have the background of that story you're not gonna know to go to that new place. Interviews really need to be organic. If you can get into a conversation with someone when they're doing the interview you're going to feel that relaxed feeling on the part of your subject. It's like any conversation that you're having with a friend, actually. If you're trying to help them get through a problem you may not necessarily deal with the the crux of the problem right away. You might talk around it for a bit, you might get them thinking about something else And then eventually you're going to get to the thing that maybe is most bothering them. There are some provocative issues that I know I am going to get to- I'm certainly not going to bring it up right away, and I'm going to look for the right moment to get there and it's usually well into the interview. I can live with unanswered questions. That's another thing about filmmaking, I really do believe, in documentary, that you don't have to answer every question and you don't necessarily have to broach everything. These are complicated people, they've got complicated lives and if you don't expose or reveal everything you might have hoped to in the beginning, you still got a pretty powerful story usually.

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Buirski - Make - Important documentary interview techniques

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