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Divine secrets revealed by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi during a speech in Karachi 5/7

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It was answered that fasting is to purify the self, once your self is already purified then it doesn’t matter you eat or not, you will be considered as fasting for lifetime. And there is an event related of this. There was a Saint living on the bank of a river. His wife prepared sweet dish and he asked his wife to give a share to another Saint on the other side of the river. His wife said that how should she cross the river? The Saint said to his wife, “you tell the river that I have been sent by the man who never touched his wife for twelve years and the river will give you way to cross.” The wife replied, “What are you saying? We have just had a daughter three months ago!” The Saint answered, “What I said is right”. When and his wife went near the river and said the same words told by her husband. River gave her way to cross and upon reaching her on the other side, the river again began to flow normally. Now she gave sweet dish to that Saint and he ate it. Then she asked how to cross the river? The Saint said, “Tell the river that you have been coming from that person who ate nothing for twelve years.” She was surprised and said to the Saint that you just have had sweet dish in front of me. The saint asked her to ignore this thing. When the women asked the river what the Saint told and the river gave the way for her cross. Upon reaching back to his husband she asked, “I am very surprised. You said you haven't touched your wife for twelve years, whereas I had daughter three months ago and he says that he haven't ate anything form twelve year, whereas he ate sweet dish in front of me. But I am unable to understand this thing that even your lies have so much power." Her husband answered: No actually the things is that since 12 years I haven't touched you because of my Nafs (Self) but as an obligation and he also haven’t ate since 12 years for his Self but he ate only for survival.” As Abdul Qadir Jalini said, “You live for eating and we eat for living so that we can perform duties as per Divine order.” Hajj came next. This Quran says: if anybody has resource and ability he/she must perform Hajj. Those (chapters) said: Only those people go to Ka’ba who doesn’t have guts. They said that since you indeed are superior to all creatures. That Ka’ba was constructed by Abraham (AS) with mud and clay while you have been created by Noor. So why you go towards that Ka’ba, rather that Ka’ba should come to you. Upon this very thing Shah Mansoor was hanged. Ba-Yazid Bistami says: “For years I used to circumambulate the Ka’ba but when I found Allah, now Ka’ba started circumambulating me". Saint Sultan Bahoo was asked by someone that why he did not go to Ka'ba for Hajj? He (Sultan Bahu) replied that Ka’ba always used to circumambulate here. And the same Ka'ba came to circumambulate Rabia Basri. This Quran asks to give 2.5% Zakat (tax sanctioned). That (hidden Quran) says give 97.5% Zakat and keep only 2.5% with you. This Quran was asked that where is Allah? The Quran said He is far away. Just keep performing prayers and observe fast, because seeing Allah is very difficult, He lives very far away. But when those chapters were asked about Allah? They replied "Allah is always roaming here in this world, sometime as Data (RA) and sometime as Khawaja (RA)". He (Allah) is always roaming in this world. Those chapters said have you not read that Hadith-e-Qudsi which says “I become hands of my servant with which he holds; I become tongue of my servant with which he speaks.” Now that which is the beginning of this knowledge! This was the extreme of that knowledge. This is the Knowledge which is learnt after vision of God. Now the beginning of this Knowledge is that 124,000 Prophets of attributed names all together were not able to approach the status of Ism-e-Zaat (Allah). Because Prophet Moses (AS) chanted Ya’ Rehman (O’ Compassionate), Prophet Jesus (AS) --- Ya’ Qudoos (O’ Pure), Prophet Solomon (AS) --- Ya’Wahhab (O’ Giver), Prophet David (AS) Ya’ Wadood (O’ Friend, O’ Love), and the remaining Prophets kept on reciting the Kalima (the Motto) of (Mursal) Messenger of their time. One day, Prophet Moses (AS) said, "Allah! Let me have a vision of you". He (Moses) was replied, "You can't bear it". Moses asked “Would there be anyone who can bear it”. Answer came, “Only my Beloved and His (Ummat) followers”. Prophet Moses (AS) came into jalal and said being a Prophet I am not equal to a follower? And asked Allah “regardless of what happens show me your glimpse”. Finally when Allah revealed His vision, Prophet Moses (AS) went into unconsciousness. Now what is the reason that Prophet Moses went into unconscious on Koh-e-Toor (Mount Sinai) in this world and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went in front of Allah and smiled? Prophet Moses (AS) had attributed Noor (light) of Ya Rehman in his body that is why he couldn’t tolerate the personal light of God and in the holy body of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had the personal light of personal name of God (Ism-e-Zaat). Zaat (essence) went infront of Zaat (essence) and smiled. Due to the blessing of the Prophet (PBUH) this Ummah has been granted this name (Allah), thus it became superior and Ummah (nation) is afraid of (practicing) this name. It’s in the Hadith (Prophetic tradition) “On the Day of Judgment nations will be recognized by their Noor (light).” These shining with light of Ya-Rehman (O’ Compassionate) are the Ummah (nation) of Moses (AS). These shining with light of Ya-Wadood (O’ Friend, O’ Love) are the nation of Prophet David (AS) and these who are shining with Allah-Hu are indeed Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This (Allah Hu) is your symbol. Apparently whatever a person speaks from his tongue if the same thing is in his heart that is a true person. If a person has something on his tongue and something else in the heart that is hypocrisy. If someone has similar behavior with Allah i.e speaks different than whatever is in the heart, that person is a biggest hypocrite of all. Believe it! That without Zikr-e-Qalbi (Heart meditation), your prayer is not acceptable. You complain that "I offer many prayers but my Dua (pray) is not fulfilled". Why Dua should be accepted? Salat/Prayer is pre-requisite for the acceptance of Dua.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 20, 2010 This speech is a must watch for the seeker of truth.

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