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Lucid Dreams Documentary

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can you tell me what happened? i killed him i cant remember when it started but i hated him what made you act like that? he had this way of looking down on everybody especially me and that i was competition despite him being my boss nothing i ever did was good enough none of my proposals ever came up to his standards my presentations never gain any feed back and i was made to feel like i was of no worth whats so ever it came to ahead one day during a meeting with a board of directors he passed off one of my ideas as his own and has a result was put in charge of a pitch we were working on to land a new product and the contract was signed he was giving a pay rise and a promotion and i was left to clear up the mess that he left behind so you killed them? yeah why? because i could. i can do any thing (Lucid Dreaming) i had my first lucid dream randomly when a pigeon woke me up by light smacking on to my window often at the night something upset about but i didn't care in the time it scares me a little and i looked out my window and i was like oh it is just a bird when back to bed But i was still softly, half awake, half asleep but I wasn't sure it was a dream or not and then i went back into the dream that i was having at the time and then when you have awoke an from a dream and you come back to the same dream that's when you realize, it must be a dream, i must of be dreaming thats when i first realized I was dreaming and thats the definition of a lucid dream, when you become aware that you're having a dream in a average life time you will spend six years dreaming the typical sleep cycle comprises of five stages the first stage last roughly five to ten minutes the eyes are closed and the muscle begin to relax although actually asleep, many people feel that as if they haven't slept at all, and there awoken during this time the second stage is a period of sleep in which there's a mixture both muscles relaxation and spontaneous periods of muscle tensions this is more commonly known as a sponsor the heart rate slows and body temperature decreases the body is preparing to enter deep sleep stages tree and four on what's known as the deep sleep stages during these stages called ''Delta sleep'' the brain shows low waves of high amplitude this full stages last roughly ninety minutes after which the body enters something call ''R.E.M'' or rapid, eye, movement intense dreaming occurs during the stage as a result of high in the brain activity at the same time a temperately paralysis on the limbs occurs this is the body's way of preventing us from acting out are dreams heart rate and respiration speeds-up and becomes erotic and are fingers, face or legs may begin to twitch this is the stage in which lucid dreaming can occur perceptually you cant. you dont just have control over your ummm. your lucid body you can have control over your whole environment like you got control over over what color things you know ****************** like if you click your fingers you can change how your whole world is you could. completely morph the whole place if you get enogh practice and if your manege like to convince your self it's pretty matrix like, it's basically like being in the matrix i always used to have a recurring dream that i was being played (chuckles) well i was being chased by this giant flying pan. i dont know why for this dream but like, if you realize cause the fact that's recurring, that should really sicken to you that you are dreaming and basically so. when you realize that you can still turn around, and like turn to frying pan and say actually to fuck off so that you don't exist. and thats all clear and that stops in the very moment. there's a plenty of stuations where people have actually overcome there nightmares threw lucid dreaming cause they know that they can confront the character in that subconscious stage besides any benefits, it has it's actually quite light of fun everything it's brighter, you see, it kind of seems more stuff than light, you know you normally see light because its all in your head you not just see light, you see other stuff as well, but it all creates an image it's very weird and difficult to explain but yeah, it is just a lot of fun and it's better than any joke basically correct and any experience you can have in real life i recognize lucid dreams tops it with practice anyone can lucid dreeam... wake yourself up every ninety minutes, this is approximately how long a sleep cycle is try to record or write down what you were dreaming about, often patterns emerge that will make it more obvious to yourself. next time you are dreaming constantly question reality when you are awake work something in to your daily routine such as looking to your watch every half an hour this will act as a trigger or dream sign

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Posted by: tiian on Apr 19, 2011

What a lucid dream??

and how can we achive one...

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